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Abu Garcia Revo SX Reel Review

Abu Garcia is a name that has never let me down as an angler in all the years that I’ve been using their products. 

My very first reel was an Abu Garcia Black Max bait caster and it served me faithfully for years and years until I upgraded to an Ambassadeur. I’ve been a fan of Abu Garcia’s baitcasting reels for a long time, and they just keep on getting better. 

Now, I’ve had a chance to experience the latest and greatest in angling technology that Abu Garcia has to offer in the form of the 4th generation Revo SX, thanks to my friends over at Fishing Sun in Orlando, Florida.

Today, I’m going to review this marvelous piece of fishing equipment and all the exemplary features it has that make it such a pleasure to fish with. If you’re interested, check out my product review of the Abu Garcia Revo4 SX baitcasting reel down below!

Product Review

As a southwest Florida native, I’ll be talking about my experience with this reel in a saltwater fishing setting. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to take this down to my local bass lake, either. The Revo4 SX is an incredibly versatile reel.  

abu garcia revo 4 sx baitcasting reel in its box

First Impression

Unboxing this reel, I was immediately impressed by the design before I even got my hands on it. I’ve always loved the sleek design of Abu Garcia’s low-profile baitcasters, but this one really blew me away, looking completely modernized with sharp lines and striking contours. 

 abu garcia revo 4 sx on its box

The feel of the Revo4 SX is superb and very lightweight. Being mostly composed of aluminum and with C6 carbon sideplates, it weighs in at less than 8 ounces with most of the weight coming from the handle. 

I’m also a huge fan of the color scheme. The subtle crimson accents look beautiful against the rest of the jet-black reel. Overall, the aesthetic design of the reel leaves little to be desired, in my opinion, so let’s take a look at some of the features.

Product Features

The Revo4 SX is as brilliantly-designed on the inside as it is on the outside, and this is exactly what I’ve come to expect from their famous Swedish engineering ingenuity. 

abu garcia revo 4 sx on its box

Beginning with the ball bearings, the Revo4 SX functions on a 9+1 system that makes it reel smoother than spider silk. As a result, and thanks to the sophisticated D2 Gear Design, this fishing reel is deceptively powerful.

I have the 6.6:1 version of the Revo4 Sx that retrieves 27 inches of line per turn and it feels simply effortless, regardless of how heavy my lure is. If that’s not enough, though, you can opt for the 7.3:1 version which has a whopping 30-inch-per-turn retrieval rate. 

The most amazing part about this fishing reel, in my opinion, is the versatility. You can fine-tune the Revo4 SX to a level of precision that I haven’t experienced on many other baitcasters like this. 

abu garcia revo 4 sx on its box

The drag is another thing that blew me away. I think having 24 pounds of drag in such a small package is incredible and it’s the main reason why I’d highly recommend this reel for saltwater anglers as well. 

That amount of drag paired with the adjustability of the Infini Brake System means you get surgically precise casts with the torque of a semi-truck behind them.

abu garcia revo 4 sx on its box

The Infini Brake System is something that some people will say is unnecessary, but I feel that it greatly enhances the reel’s capabilities. I fish a lot of mangroves and back bays where accuracy is crucial, so having that extra facet of control over how much line I’m pitching is immensely helpful to avoid overshooting into the trees.


Price is one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing new equipment, of course, and I look at multiple factors when determining if a product is worth the cost. 

The Abu Garcia Revo4 SX is priced at $169.95 and when comparing it to some of their more expensive low-profile models, I really don’t find it to be lacking anything that the pricier reels offer⸺at least nothing that really justifies the extra cost. 

However, when I consider the less expensive options, there are quite a few noticeable downgrades that I actually think make the Revo4 SX worth paying a bit more for. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, I would definitely recommend the Abu Garcia Revo4 SX to anyone in search of a lightweight reel that’s capable of providing massive amounts of power with extreme precision. 

I think this reel is right in that sweet spot of being both high-quality and relatively inexpensive. When you want to spend a good bit of money on a reel but still have enough left over to actually go fishing with it, the Revo4 SX is a fantastic choice. 

If you’re in the market for fishing equipment, be sure to check out Fishing Sun for all your fishing needs. You won’t find better deals on premium fishing gear anywhere else, and their customer service is always happy to help if you’re not satisfied.

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