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Amazingly Useful Parts & Accessories for Your Cannon Downrigger

Downriggers are one of the most helpful fishing devices if you are trolling out in the open sea.

fishing with a cannon downrigger on a boat

The company Cannon provides some of the best equipment you can get out there, including downriggers. 

If you own a Cannon downrigger or are planning to purchase one, you might want to buy some parts that provide some quality of life improvements to your downrigger. 

There are many accessories for Cannon downriggers, whether you are interested in buying or already own one. Downriggers can be customized to your liking with these parts.

fishing with a cannon downrigger

There are tons of options to pick from, but finding the best products from such a large array of parts can be daunting- especially for newcomers. 

In this article, we have selected some of the best Cannon downrigger parts on the market. 

Top 10 Parts For Cannon Downriggers 

  1. Cannon Terminator Kit
  2. Cannon Downrigger Cover
  3. Cannon Low-Profile Swivel Downrigger Mounting Base
  4. Cannon Battery End Cable Downrigger Accessory
  5. Cannon Dual-Axis Single Rear Downrigger Mounted Rod Holder
  6. Cannon Tab Lock Quick Mount Base
  7. CANNON Retro Power Cable Kit
  8. Cannon Downrigger Cable
  9. Cannon Uni-Line Release
  10. Cannon Rail / Side Mount

Cannon Terminator Kit

The Cannon Terminator Kit has a 4.5 rating on Amazon. The kit comes with six durable plastic Cannon terminators, stainless steel snap swivels, and cushion sleeve terminators stored in a plastic tackle box. 

Cannon Terminator Kit

The Terminators are built to be rugged, can withstand heavy use, and are essential for attaching the downrigger to trolling weights.

They can quickly attach your downrigger cable to your trolling weights with no extra steps required and are perfect for both salt and freshwater applications.

This kit is a must-have for Cannon Downrigger owners. 

Cannon Downrigger Cover

Cannon downriggers have many options for accessories, including covers. The Cannon Downrigger Cover is compatible with many downrigger products.

Cannon Downrigger Cover

This downrigger cover is professional grade and will protect your equipment, featuring a secure velcro fit. 

This cover perfectly guards against the elements with a secure fit and has non-abrasive backing.

Its dimensions are 8.9 x 7.3 x 2.3 inches and it comes in either black or white. If you leave your downrigger outside or are not using it while fishing, it is a great protective cover from the weather. 

Cannon Low-Profile Swivel Downrigger Mounting Base

What you use to mount your Cannon Downrigger is important, and Cannon Mounting Systems can help rig it to your favor.

Cannon Low-Profile Swivel Downrigger Mounting Base

The mounting base has 16 locking points that allow for full 360 degrees downrigger rotation with locking positions every 22.5 degrees.

The standard model made of composite components and stainless steel is strong and versatile.

There are models available in 316-grade stainless steel model for more strength and corrosion resistance. 

Cannon Battery End Cable Downrigger Accessory

If you have an Electric Cannon Downrigger, a Cannon Battery End Cable accessory is great to have as a replacement, or if you want a new one.

Cannon Battery End Cable Downrigger Accessory

It’s designed to be an exact replacement for all-electric downriggers, and its convenient plug system makes removal and installation easy. 

The Cannon Battery End cable downrigger accessory has a tethered end cap preventing corrosion.

It has a watertight connection to a 12-volt power source that is 3 feet long, end to end. It is a perfect replacement/supplement for any battery cables connecting to your Electric Cannon Downrigger. 

Cannon Dual-Axis Single Rear Downrigger Mounted Rod Holder

The Cannon Rear Mount Rod Holder is a single downrigger-mounted rod that has many features.

Cannon Dual-Axis Single Rear Downrigger Mounted Rod Holder

This is useful as a spare, replacement, or an addition rod holder; it fits all 2011 and newer Cannon Downriggers. 

The Cannon Rear Mount Rod Holder features: 

  • Dual Axis Adjustability
  • Downrigger Mountability 
  • Made of composite material 
  • It includes all necessary hardware

The Cannon Rear Mount Rod Holder is a versatile rod holder that is a must-have for your downrigger.

Cannon Tab Lock Quick Mount Base

The List price for the Cannon Tab Lock Quick Mount Base retains a rating of 4.6 stars. It is a great mounting base for downriggers if you want quick and easy removal or replacement.

Cannon Tab Lock Quick Mount Base

It is also compatible with Lake-Troll, Sport-Troll, Leagy Easy-Troll, and Mini-Mag downriggers. 

Its size measures 9 x 7 x 1 inches and is made of composite material, resistant to corrosion and UV light.

It is a great addition to your accessories, useful for quick or short fishing trips out in the water. 

CANNON Retro Power Cable Kit

The Cannon Retro Power Cable Kit is incredibly effective. If you have an older model of a Cannon Downrigger but need a replacement/supplement power cable, then this is the accessory for you.

CANNON Retro Power Cable Kit

The kit is complete for both the battery and motor side, the cables being 6 feet long. It is an upgrade to any old worn-out cables you may have. 

Cannon Downrigger Cable

If you need a replacement cable for any modern Cannon downrigger, the Cannon Downrigger Cable will suit your needs. This product has a rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon. 

Cannon Downrigger Cable

The cable is a 7-strand stainless steel cable that is 302-grade and is 150 feet in length. It also comes in other lengths of 200 and 400 inches, each being a 150-lb test.

The cable is a reliable one, perfect for replacement/supplement with its long length and protective material. 

Cannon Uni-Line Release

The Cannon Universal Line Release is the next product on our list. Versatility is a great feature in many accessories, and the Cannon Uni-Line Release is great in this aspect.

Cannon Uni-Line Release

The line release has two adjustment points allowing tension settings that range from 2 to 22 pounds. 

It also has easy one-hand tension release, usable on any test line in both fresh and saltwater.

Its adjustability in tension makes this accessory very useful when using your Cannon Downrigger. 

Cannon Rail / Side Mount

The Cannon Rail/Side Mount is another mounting system that will be useful in rigging your downrigger.

Cannon Rail / Side Mount

The Rail/Side Mount is designed to secure your downrigger to the “T” joints on rails of boats with narrow gunwales. 

Its material is made of machined aluminum with a powder coating that is resistant to corrosion.

This mount is great if you want to secure your Cannon downrigger to your boat that is also durable.

Final Thoughts

These are all great accessories and parts, suitable for all types of Cannon Downriggers. Some of these aren’t necessary for operating your downrigger, such as the cover, but they will all increase your quality of life when managing your equipment. 

These will directly upgrade your downrigger, providing things like easy management and quality protection of your equipment.

Cannon Downriggers are fantastic pieces of equipment and buying these things is worth your time and money. 

It is always a worthwhile investment to give your equipment high-quality parts and accessories that protect it.

All in all, Cannon accessories are excellent pieces of fishing hardware. Now, all you need is a good trolling rod and you’re ready to get to the fish!

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