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Best Fishing Spots in Adams County Pennsylvania

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Adams County Pennsylvania is well known for having beautiful parks and outdoors spots to search and try fishing. Often you simply need to know where the secret spots are and then gather your tackle and hit the streams.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Adams County PA

Antietam Dam
Beaverdam Creek
Birch Run Reservoir
Brush Run
Caledonia Lake
Carbaugh Run Dam
Chambersburg Reservoir
Charnita Lake
Chicken Run
Clear Run
Copper Run
Green Run
Hayes Run
Hosack Run
K Section Dam
K Section Pond
Lippencot Spring Creek
Little Marsh Creek
Littles Run
Long Pine Run
Long Pine Run Reservoir
Lousy Run
Lower Marsh Creek
Marsh Creek
McDowells Run
Miney Branch
Muddy Run
Mummasburg Run
Muskrat Run
Opossum Creek
Pleasant Dale Creek
Plum Run
Poplar Spring Creek
Pottery Run
Quaker Run
Rattling Run
Rock Creek
Saw Mill Run
Sharps Run
Spring Run
Stevens Run
Stillhouse Run
Swamp Creek
Waynesboro Dam
White Run
Willoughby Run
Zinkand Pond

No matter where you choose to go fishing in Adams County, Pennsylvania make sure you bring the right gear and check always the county fishing rules and regulations. Best of luck and hopefully you a super day of catching.

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