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Best Fishing Spots in Bradford County Pennsylvania

man river fishing in bradford county pa

Bradford County Pennsylvania is notorious for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to venture and try fishing. Often you simply need to know where the best spots are and then pack up your tackle and go to the rivers.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Bradford County PA

  • Apple Creek
  • Bailey Run
  • Balsam Pond
  • Bird Pond
  • Black Lake
  • Black Pond Dam
  • Blacks Lake
  • Browns Creek
  • Browns Pond
  • Buck Creek
  • Cash Creek
  • Chemung River
  • Deer Lick Creek
  • Deerlick Run
  • French Run
  • Hemlock Run
  • Hicks Creek
  • Hollow Run
  • Horn Brook
  • Lake Ondawa
  • Lake Ondawa Dam
  • Lake Wesauking
  • Lake Wesauking
  • Lake Wesauking Dam
  • Laning Creek
  • Macham Dam
  • Macham Lake
  • Mallory Creek
  • Mill Creek
  • Murray Creek
  • Peas Creek
  • Pine Lake
  • Pisgah Creek
  • Pond Hill Run
  • Pond Run
  • Preacher Brook
  • Satterlee Creek
  • Schrader Creek
  • Shores Pond
  • Snyder Creek
  • Spaulding Creek
  • Stephen Foster Dam
  • Sugar Creek
  • Tomjack Creek
  • Towanda Creek
  • Tutelow Creek
  • Wallace Run
  • West Branch Tomjack Creek
  • Wolcott Creek

Irrespective of where you choose to go fishing in Bradford County Pennsylvania ensure you bring the best gear and investigate the area fishing rules and regulations. All the best and hopefully you have a super day of catching.

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