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Best Fishing Spots in Centre County Pennsylvania

dad and son fishing in centre county pa

Centre County Pennsylvania is famous for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to search and go fishing. Often you should just know where the best spots are and then pick up your tackle and explore the water.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Centre County PA

  • Antis Run
  • Beaver Pond
  • Birch Lick Run
  • Black Hawk Gap Run
  • Boal Gap Run
  • Brower Hollow Run
  • Buffalo Run
  • Bullit Run
  • Bush Hollow Run
  • Cedar Run
  • Colyer Lake
  • Colyer Lake Dam
  • Dewitt Run
  • Dicks Run
  • Flyfisher’s Paradise
  • Galbraith Gap Run
  • Gap Run
  • Holt Run
  • Horsehead Run
  • Jonathan Run
  • Laurel Run
  • Logan Branch
  • Mackeys Run
  • Middle Branch Rock Run
  • Moose Run
  • Mudlick Run
  • Nittany Creek
  • North Branch Wallace Run
  • North Run
  • Potter Brook
  • Potter Run
  • Roaring Run
  • Rock Cabin Run
  • Rockview Reservoir
  • Rockview Reservoir Dam
  • Shingletown Branch
  • Shirks Run
  • Slab Cabin Run
  • Smays Run
  • Snow Shoe Reservoir
  • Spring Creek
  • Stinktown Run
  • Stone Run
  • Tannery Run
  • Thompson Run
  • Wallace Run
  • Whetstone Run

Irrespective of where you choose to go fishing in Centre County Pennsylvania ensure you bring the right gear and always check the area fishing rules and regulations. All the best and hopefully you have a successful day of catching.

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