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Best Fishing Spots in Cumberland County Pennsylvania

stunning river fishing in cumberland county pa

Cumberland County Pennsylvania is notorious for having beautiful parks and outdoors areas to venture and try fishing. Often you just need to know where the popular spots are and then pick up your tackle and hit the water.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Cumberland County PA

  • Alexanders Spring Creek
  • Back Creek
  • Big Pond
  • Big Spring Creek
  • Black Dam
  • Bloser Creek
  • Brandy Run
  • Bulls Head Branch
  • Center Creek
  • Cold Spring Anglers
  • Cold Spring Run
  • Conodoquinet Dam
  • Dogwood Run
  • Doubling Gap Creek
  • Fishers Run
  • Fuller Lake
  • Gardner Run
  • Green Spring Creek
  • Highlands Farm Dam
  • Hunters Run
  • Iron Run
  • Laurel Dam
  • Laurel Forge Pond
  • Laurel Lake
  • Letort Spring Run
  • Little Dogwood Run
  • Locust Creek
  • Meetinghouse Run
  • Mount Holly Springs Lake
  • Mount Holly Springs Reservoir
  • Mount Rock Spring Creek
  • Mountain Creek
  • Old Town Run
  • Old’e Fishing Station
  • Opossum Creek
  • Opossum Lake Dam
  • Quaker Run
  • Rock Run
  • Sage Run
  • Spring Run
  • Spruce Run
  • Tagg Run
  • Toms Run
  • Trout Run
  • Upper Mount Holly Dam
  • Wertz Run
  • West Branch Mount Rock Spring Creek
  • Whisky Run
  • Wolff Farm Dam

Wherever you determine to go fishing in Cumberland County Pennsylvania ensure you bring the best gear and check always the county fishing rules and regulations. All the best and hopefully you have an amazing day of catching.

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