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Best Fishing Spots in Dale County Alabama

cool river fishing in dale county al

Dale County Alabama is famous for having beautiful parks and outdoors areas to explore and go fishing. Often you should just know where the best spots are and then pick up your tackle and hit the water.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Dale County AL

  • Bear Creek
  • Beasley Branch
  • Beaver Branch
  • Beaver Creek
  • Beaver Lake
  • Beaverdam Creek
  • Big Creek
  • Blacks Creek
  • Blacks Mill Creek
  • Bowles Creek
  • Bruces Mill Creek
  • Caney Creek
  • Carver Johnson Lake Dam
  • Cotton Creek
  • D A Delony Dam
  • Dale County Public Lake
  • Dale County Public Lake Dam
  • Four Mile Creek
  • Gin Branch
  • Harris Mill Creek
  • Hurricane Creek
  • James Crooks Lake
  • James Crooks Lake Dam
  • Judy Creek
  • Klondike Creek
  • Lake Tholloco Dam
  • Lake Tholocco
  • Lemon Branch
  • Little Claybank Creek
  • Little Judy Creek
  • Marley Millpond
  • Mixon Lake
  • Painters Creek
  • Panther Creek
  • Pimpkins Creek
  • Richland Creek
  • Roy Parker Lake
  • Sandy Creek
  • Sevenmile Creek
  • Shivers Branch
  • Steep Head Creek
  • Stokes Branch
  • Tanyard Branch
  • Telico Branch
  • W G Barnes Dam
  • W G Barnes Lake
  • Weed Branch
  • Williams Lake

No matter where you choose to go fishing in Dale County Alabama make sure you bring the proper gear and investigate the county fishing rules and regulations. Good luck and we hope you have a super day of catching.

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