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Best Fishing Spots in Houston County Alabama

man kayak fishing in houston county in a kayak

Houston County Alabama is famous for having beautiful parks and outdoors areas to venture and go fishing. Sometimes you just need to know where the secret spots are and then pack up your tackle and go to the streams.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Houston County AL

  • Adams Lake
  • Adams Lake Dam
  • Big Branch
  • Big Creek
  • Boggy Creek
  • Bruners Gin Creek
  • Caroline Wilson Dam
  • Chipola Creek
  • Cooks Pond
  • Cooleys Pond
  • Cooper Creek
  • Coopers Bay Creek
  • Crawford Creek
  • Creels Pond
  • Cypress Creek
  • Dan Morris Lake Dam
  • David West Dam
  • David West Lake
  • Double Bridges Creek
  • Dye Pond
  • Dykes Lake
  • Garners Pond
  • Golf Creek
  • Green Valley Farm Ponds
  • Harkin Branch
  • Ingram Lake
  • Ingram Lake Dam
  • Jessie Forrester Dam
  • Lakewood Lake
  • Limestone Creek
  • Little Rocky Creek
  • Lochenglen Lake
  • Meadows Creek
  • Middleton Lake
  • Mill Creek
  • Moodys Pond
  • Morris Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Poplar Spring Branch
  • Porters Lake
  • Ralph Martin Dam
  • Rinrag Farm Dam
  • Rocky Creek
  • Smiths Pond
  • Spring Creek
  • Webb Creek
  • Wet Weather Pond
  • Wilsons Lake

No matter where you decide to go fishing in Houston County Alabama make sure you bring the proper gear and look into the area fishing rules and regulations. Best of luck and hopefully you have an awesome day of catching.

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