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Best Fishing Spots in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania

amazing man fly fishing in huntingdon county pa

Huntingdon County Pennsylvania is famous for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to venture and try fishing. Once in a while you just need to know where the secret spots are and then pick up your tackle and go to the lakes.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Huntingdon County PA

  • Clover Creek
  • Crooked Creek
  • Curfman Run
  • Dark Hollow Dam
  • Deep Hollow Run
  • Emma Creek
  • Flush Run
  • Furnace Run
  • Great Trough Creek
  • Hares Valley Creek
  • Hawns Run
  • Hill Valley Creek
  • Huntingdon Smithfield Dam
  • James Creek
  • Lake Mount Union Dam
  • Laurel Run
  • Little Trough Creek
  • Long Hollow Run
  • Maddern Run
  • Mill Creek
  • North Branch Crooked Creek
  • Old Raystown Dam
  • Pike Run
  • Raystown Branch Juniata River
  • Raystown Dam
  • Raystown Lake
  • Robinson Run
  • Saddler Creek
  • Salmon Hole
  • Scrub Run
  • Seven Points Campground
  • Shaughnessy Run
  • Shores Branch
  • Singers Gap Reservoir
  • Singers Gap Run
  • Smith Run
  • Snare Run
  • Snyders Run
  • Spring Run
  • Standing Stone Creek
  • Sugar Grove Run
  • Susquehannock Campground
  • Vineyard Creek
  • Warrior Ridge Dam
  • Williamsburg Reservoir
  • Wilson Run

No matter where you decide to go fishing in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania be sure you bring the best gear and look into the area fishing rules and regulations. All the best and we hope you have a super day of catching.

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