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Best Fishing Spots in Lamar County Alabama

wholesome family fishing in lamar county al

Lamar County Alabama is well known for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to venture and try fishing. Often you should just know where the popular spots are and then gather your tackle and explore the streams.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Lamar County AL

  • Ambrose Lake Dam
  • Beaver Creek
  • Browns Mill Creek
  • Brush Creek
  • Brushy Creek
  • Buck Creek
  • Christian Branch
  • Clear Creek
  • Cooper Creek
  • County Lake
  • Crane Creek
  • Cut Bank Creek
  • Dolan Davis Dam
  • Dolan Davis Lake
  • Driver Creek
  • Dry Branch
  • Dubose Dam
  • Dubose Lake
  • Ealon Branch
  • Estes Creek
  • Faulkner Lake
  • Faulkner Lake Dam
  • Gault Lake
  • Gault Lake Dam
  • Gentry Creek
  • Golden Creek
  • Gus Johnson Branch
  • Hells Creek
  • Hopson Lake
  • Little Hells Creek
  • McGee Dam
  • McGee Lake
  • Mill Creek
  • Propst Creek
  • Reedy Creek
  • Rogers Dam
  • Rogers Lake
  • Rushing Creek
  • Shelton Branch
  • Shiloh Branch
  • Slickum Branch
  • Watson Creek
  • Wiggins Creek
  • William Phillips Dam at Bedford
  • William Phillips Lake
  • Wilson Creek
  • Yates Dam

Wherever you decide to go fishing in Lamar County Alabama ensure you bring the best gear and investigate the county fishing rules and regulations. Best of luck and hopefully you have a successful day of catching.

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