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Best Fishing Spots in Luzerne County Pennsylvania

wholesome family fishing in luzerne county pa

Luzerne County Pennsylvania is well known for having beautiful parks and outdoors spots to venture and go fishing. Sometimes you should just know where the best spots are and then pick up your tackle and hit the fishing holes.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Luzerne County PA

  • Andy Pond
  • Balliet Run
  • Blue Giant Meadow Dam
  • Blue Giant Meadow Lake
  • Bow Creek
  • Boyle Pond
  • Brown Creek
  • Coal Creek
  • Cranberry Pond
  • Croops Dam
  • Espy Run
  • Hanover Reservoir
  • Harveys Creek
  • Honeyhole Dam
  • Hunlock Creek
  • Ice Pond Dam
  • Keilar Dam
  • Keilar Lake
  • Lake Blytheburn Dam
  • Lake Francis
  • Lake of the Four Seasons
  • Lily Lake
  • Lily Lake Dam
  • Middle Branch Newport Creek
  • Mountain Pond
  • Mud Pond
  • Najaka Pond
  • Nanticoke Creek
  • Newport Creek
  • Northbranch Newport Creek
  • Nuangola Lake
  • Nuangola Outlet
  • Oley Creek
  • Pine Creek
  • Pine Run Reservoir
  • Plymouth Reservoir
  • Pond Creek
  • Reservoir Creek
  • Solomon Creek
  • South Branch Newport Creek
  • South Pond
  • South Pond Dam
  • Spring Run
  • Sugar Notch Run
  • The Ice Ponds
  • Wadham Creek
  • Wanamie Dam
  • Warrior Creek
  • Watering Run

Wherever you choose to go fishing in Luzerne County Pennsylvania make sure you bring the right gear and check always the area fishing rules and regulations. Good luck and we wish you have an amazing day of catching.

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