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Best Fishing Spots in Monroe County Pennsylvania

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Monroe County Pennsylvania is notorious for having beautiful parks and outdoors spots to search and try fishing. Sometimes you simply need to know where the very best spots are and then gather your tackle and explore the water.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Monroe County PA

  • Alpine Dam
  • Alpine Lake
  • Analomink Dam
  • Arlington Lake
  • Arlington Lake Dam
  • Blue Mountain Lake Dam
  • Bulgers Run
  • Butz Run
  • Centerfield Coral Reef
  • Clarke Falls
  • Cranberry Creek
  • East Stroudsburg Dam
  • Forest Hills Run
  • Freeland Pond
  • Hallowood Lake
  • Hallowood Lake Dam
  • Highwood Lake
  • Hunter Lake
  • Hunter Lake Dam
  • Lake Swiftwater Dam
  • Leas Run
  • Lee Falls
  • Lindenmere Dam
  • Lower Dam
  • Lower Dam Sambo Creek
  • Meistertown Dam
  • Michael Creek
  • Middle Dam
  • Noahs Ark Dam
  • Paradise Creek
  • Pine Mountain Run
  • Pocohontas Lake
  • Pocono Hotel Dam
  • Reeders Run
  • Rocky Run
  • Sambo Creek
  • Sambo Creek Lower Reservoir
  • Scot Run
  • Stroud Dam
  • Swiftwater Creek
  • Swiftwater Lake
  • Transue Run
  • Wigwam Lake Dam
  • Wigwam Run
  • Woodland Lake
  • Zacharias Pond

No matter where you choose to go fishing in Monroe County Pennsylvania make sure you bring the best gear and always check the county fishing rules and regulations. Good luck and hopefully you have an awesome day of catching.

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