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Best Fishing Spots in Montour County Pennsylvania

amazing family river fishing in montour county pa

Montour County Pennsylvania is notorious for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to venture and try fishing. Once in a while you just need to know where the most effective spots are and then pack up your tackle and explore the streams.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Montour County PA

  • Beaver Run
  • Blizzards Run
  • Broad Run
  • Campus Cycle & Fly Fishing Center
  • Chillisquaque Dam
  • County Line Branch
  • Dry Run
  • East Branch Chillisquaque Creek
  • Frozen Run
  • Gaskins Run
  • Goose Cove
  • Gravel Run
  • Heron Cove
  • Indian Creek
  • Johnson Creek
  • Kase Run
  • Kipps Run
  • Lake Chillisquauqe
  • Laurel Run
  • Limestone Run
  • Lithia Springs Creek
  • Little Fishing Creek
  • Little Roaring Creek
  • Logan Run
  • Mahoning Creek
  • Mauses Creek
  • McKee Run
  • Middle Branch Chillisquaque Creek
  • Miller Run
  • Mud Creek
  • Muddy Run
  • Packers Run
  • Raups Run
  • Roaring Creek
  • Sechler Run
  • Spring Run
  • Spruce Run
  • Toby Run
  • Valley View Lake
  • Valley View Lake Dam
  • Warrior Run
  • West Branch Chillisquaque Creek
  • West Hemlock Creek
  • White Deer Creek
  • White Hall Creek
  • Wilson Run

Wherever you determine to go fishing in Montour County Pennsylvania be sure you bring the best gear and look into the area fishing rules and regulations. Good luck and hopefully you have an amazing day of catching.

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