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Best Fishing Spots in Morgan County Alabama

man fly fishing in morgan county in al

Morgan County Alabama is notorious for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to search and go fishing. Often you should just know where the secret spots are and then gather your tackle and hit the lakes.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Morgan County AL

  • Blue Hole Branch
  • Bunker Branch
  • Cedar Creek
  • Copperas Branch
  • Crowdabout Creek
  • Dry Creek
  • England Creek
  • Francis Branch
  • Gill Creek
  • Ginhouse Branch
  • Gum Spring Creek
  • Indian Creek
  • Joiner Branch
  • Jones Branch
  • Lick Creek
  • Lyle Branch
  • Mack Creek
  • Maple Branch
  • Martin Branch
  • Matney Branch
  • McCutcheon Creek
  • Mill Creek
  • Moss Spring Branch
  • No Business Creek
  • Northern Branch
  • Nunn Branch
  • Outlaw Spring Branch
  • Painter Branch
  • Roan Branch
  • Robertson Branch
  • Robinson Creek
  • Rocky Branch
  • Sally Mike Creek
  • Sandlin Branch
  • Seven Falls Creek
  • Sharp Pond
  • Shoal Creek
  • Sleighton Branch
  • Snow Hill Branch
  • Steeltrap Branch
  • Stringer Branch
  • Thompson Branch
  • Town Branch
  • Town Creek
  • Tunselle Branch
  • Village Branch
  • West Flint Creek

Wherever you choose to go fishing in Morgan County Alabama be sure you bring the best gear and check always the area fishing rules and regulations. All the best and hopefully you have an awesome day of catching.

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