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Best Fishing Spots in Northampton County Pennsylvania

man pond fishing in northampton county pa

Northampton County Pennsylvania is famous for having beautiful parks and outdoors areas to venture and go fishing. Sometimes you should just know where the very best spots are and then pick up your tackle and go to the lakes.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Northampton County PA

  • Blue Mountain Dam
  • Buckhorn Creek
  • Bull Run
  • Bushkill Creek
  • Cheesebrough Pond
  • Chicola Lake
  • Chicola Lake Dam
  • East Branch Monocacy Creek
  • Easton Dam
  • Evergreen Lake
  • Frantzs Creek
  • Greenwalk Creek
  • Lake Tu Peek
  • Lake Watawah
  • Little Bushkill Creek
  • Little Martins Creek
  • Lopatcong Creek
  • Lower Dam
  • Martins Creek
  • Mill Dam
  • Mud Run
  • Nazareth Reservoir
  • Oughoughton Creek
  • Pine Creek
  • Princess Lake
  • Princess Run
  • Ross Common Creek
  • Ross Common Dam
  • Saylors Lake
  • Schoeneck Creek
  • Simmons Dam
  • Sobers Run
  • Spring Run
  • Stone Creek Dam
  • Upper Dam
  • Walter Power Dam
  • Walters Mill Pond
  • Waltz Creek
  • West Branch Sobers Run
  • Witmer Dam
  • Witmers Lake

No matter where you determine to go fishing in Northampton County Pennsylvania be sure you bring the proper gear and check always the local fishing rules and regulations. Best of luck and we wish you have a super day of catching.

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