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Best Fishing Spots in Perry County Alabama

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Perry County Alabama is notorious for having beautiful parks and outdoors spots to explore and try fishing. Often you simply need to know where the most effective spots are and then pick up your tackle and explore the water.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Perry County AL

  • Bingham Creek
  • Bone Lake
  • Bone Lake Dam
  • C E Lee Dam
  • Dry Creek
  • Emily Foster Lake
  • Emily Foster Lake Dam
  • Floyd Cook Dam
  • Floyd Cook Lake
  • Holley Creek
  • James A Wheeler Lake
  • James A Wheeler Lake Dam
  • Joe Dozier Dam
  • Joe Dozier Lake
  • Lake Ada
  • Lake Beth
  • Lake Betty
  • Lake Doris
  • Lake Eva
  • Lake Heart
  • Lake Hugh
  • Lake Ines
  • Lake Lou
  • Lake Mary
  • Lake Miriam
  • Lake Nett
  • Lake Rhoda
  • Lake Sam
  • Lake Vida
  • Lake Will
  • Lees Lake
  • Middle Lake
  • Mill Creek
  • Old Town Creek
  • Perry Lake
  • Piney Ridge Branch
  • Rice Creek
  • Rice Dam
  • Rice Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Sand Creek
  • Silver Creek
  • W A Hughes Lake
  • W A Hughes Lake Dam
  • Washington Creek
  • Waters Creek
  • Wells Creek
  • Willie Wilbourne Dam

Irrespective of where you determine to go fishing in Perry County Alabama be sure you bring the best gear and check the local fishing rules and regulations. Best of luck and we hope you have an amazing day of catching.

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