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Best Fishing Spots in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania

man river fishing in susquehanna county pa

Susquehanna County Pennsylvania is well known for having beautiful parks and outdoors spots to explore and try fishing. Sometimes you just need to know where the most effective spots are and then gather your tackle and explore the lakes.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Susquehanna County PA

  • Acre Pond
  • Acre Pond Dam
  • Beaver Meadow Pond
  • Brewster Pond Dam
  • Burdick Creek
  • Butler Creek
  • Carpenter Pond
  • Clark Pond
  • Cope Pond
  • Cord Pond
  • Dry Creek
  • East Branch Martins Creek
  • Holley Pond
  • Hop Bottom Creek
  • Horton Lake
  • Horton Lake Dam
  • Indian Lake
  • Indian Lake Dam
  • Jeffers Pond
  • Jeffers Pond Dam
  • Johnson Pond
  • Jones Lake
  • Lakeside Pond
  • Lakeside Pond Dam
  • Leslie Creek
  • Lord Pond
  • Lower Alford Pond
  • Lower Lake
  • Lower Lake Dam
  • Middle Lake
  • Middle Lake Dam
  • Mud Pond
  • North Pond
  • Polk Pond
  • Pollywog Pond
  • Post Pond Dam
  • Reynolds Pond
  • Schooley Pond
  • Sterling Brook
  • Stevens Creek
  • Stone Pond
  • Tanner Pond
  • Thomas Pond
  • Tiffany Pond
  • Tingley Lake
  • Tingley Lake Dam
  • Upper Alford Pond
  • Upper Lake
  • Zlotucha Pond

No matter where you decide to go fishing in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania ensure you bring the right gear and check always the county fishing rules and regulations. Good luck and we hope you have a great day of catching.

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