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Best Fishing Spots in Washington County Pennsylvania

stunning sunset river fishing in washington county pa

Washington County Pennsylvania is famous for having beautiful parks and outdoors places to explore and go fishing. Often you should just know where the most effective spots are and then pick up your tackle and go to the water.

These are the Best Fishing Spots in Washington County PA

  • Active Sludge Pond
  • Bane Creek
  • Bells Lakes
  • Bentleyville Dam
  • Bentleyville Reservoir
  • Boone Reservoir
  • Brush Run
  • Catfish Creek
  • Center Branch Pigeon Creek
  • Chartiers Run
  • Cokeburg Reservoir
  • Crafts Creek
  • Daniels Run
  • Ellsworth Reservoir
  • Faithful Green Lake
  • Fork of Bane Creek
  • Gander Mountain
  • Georges Run
  • Hainers Run
  • Horn Run
  • Horne Run
  • Hufford Run
  • Lake Calydon
  • Lake Eightyfour
  • Little Daniels Run
  • Little Tenmile Creek
  • Maplewood Lake
  • Montgomery Run
  • Mortons Lake
  • Neal Dam
  • Neal Lake
  • Opossum Run
  • Pine Run
  • Pleasant Valley Run
  • Plum Run
  • Pond Five
  • Pond Six
  • Potato Run
  • Redd Run
  • Shipe Run
  • Short Creek
  • Smith Run
  • South Branch Pigeon Creek
  • Speers Run Dam
  • Steel Dam
  • Steves Lake
  • Sugar Run

Irrespective of where you decide to go fishing in Washington County Pennsylvania be sure you bring the proper gear and check always the local fishing rules and regulations. Best of luck and hopefully you have an awesome day of catching.

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