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15 Fishing Charters in Bonita Springs, Florida

Looking for a fun and exciting fishing charter experience? Look no further than Bonita Springs, Florida! Their pristine coastal waters are home to some of the most sought-after sport fish in the world, including tarpon, redfish, snook and trout.

lucky fisherman holding a big grouper

Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or just looking to catch a glimpse of one of these impressive creatures, their experienced captains will take you to the best spots on the water and help you reel ’em in! BOOK A TRIP TODAY!

Bonita Springs Fishing Charters

  1. Bonita Springs Fishing Charters
  2. Flats Hound Fishing Charters
  3. Captain Ed’s Charter Boats
  4. Pale Horse Fishing Charters
  5. Captain Griffin’s Fishing Charters and Tours LLC
  6. All Water Excursions
  7. Reel 1 Up Fish & Dive Charters
  8. Livin the Dream Fishing Charters
  9. BeeLine Fishing Charters, LLC
  10. Speak Easy Fishing Charters
  11. “Get Hooked” Charter Fishing LLC
  12. Charley’s Charters
  13. Sea Reaper Fishing Charters
  14. Smokin Hooks, LLC
  15. Salty John’s Fishing Charters

Bonita Springs Fishing Charters

Phone: 239-398-1528
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two guys catch fish in the ocean

Specializing in live bait, light tackle fishing, Captain Steve Nagy has been fishing the west coast of Florida since 1989. Growing up in Massachusetts Captain Steve fished the Merrimack River and Plum Island regions before migrating south to Bonita Springs.

Captain Steve has fished the inshore Grass Flats and Mangrove Islands of the Bonita Springs and Estero Bay areas of Southwest Florida for Snook, Redfish, Trout, and Shark.

Flats Hound Fishing Charters

Phone: 239-703-4286
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Explore the waters of southwest Florida with Captain Sullivan of Flats Hound Fishing Charters.

A lifelong fisherman, he has a keen nose for the best inshore fishing spots; a watchful eye for large, offshore fish; and a bloodhound’s sense for tarpon. He knows exactly what to throw at them as well.

When you catch a ride with them, you’ll have the charter boat fishing experience of a lifetime.

Captain Ed’s Charter Boats

Phone: 239-293-4133
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Two premier companies within their respective domains, now combined to give you the pinnacle of on-the-water experiences.

Their company encompasses everything water. Whatever your on-the-water objective of fun is, they have you covered.

Pale Horse Fishing Charters

Phone: 239-285-7710
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Welcome to Southwest Florida, the sportfishing capital of the world!  Fishing Bonita Springs, Naples, and Fort Myers Beach, Pale Horse Fishing Charters is ready to get you out on the water!  

Whether you’re after big snook, tarpon, sharks, or any of the other dozens of fish species that inhabit their local waters, they have got you covered!  

They are Southwest Florida’s premier charter fishing company!  Native-owned and operated!

Captain Griffin’s Fishing Charters and Tours LLC

Phone: 239-878-4427
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Captain Griffin Lowry is a Florida native and was born and raised on the island of Fort Myers Beach. He has had a passion for fishing ever since he was 2 years old.

Growing up in SW Florida and spending countless hours on the water, Captain Griffin has the experience and knowledge to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime.

All Water Excursions

Phone: 239-594-0213
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lucky guys catch their fish on bonita springs charter

They are Southwest Florida’s Premier Water Destination Management Company. From Beach Shuttles to personal Kayak tours to Luxury Yachts and everything in between, they can customize a program to suit your needs.

Unmatched recreational opportunities and professional service await you at All Water Excursions….where the fun never sets!

Reel 1 Up Fish & Dive Charters

Phone: 239-537-5532
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two guys on boat charter holding a big fish

Reel1up Fish and Dive Charters has been in business since 2001 offering eco-friendly tours, conservational friendly fishing charters, scuba diving trips, and much more here in Southwest Florida.

They have grown to become one of the largest charter companies in Florida with over fifteen Providers offering a variety of services and excursions.

Livin the Dream Fishing Charters

Phone: 239-370-7603
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man and woman on a boat catch fish in their fishing rod

Whether you’re a beginner angler or one with many years of experience, They’ll take you on a fishing adventure that you will always remember.

They specialize in nearshore and calm backwater areas that are abundant in Southwest Florida.

When you book a trip with Captain Larry Birt, you will be fishing out of the Goodland area, Marco Island, and all around the world-famous 10,000 Islands, which are some of the most beautiful waters in all of Florida.

BeeLine Fishing Charters, LLC

Phone: 239-691-9940
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two adults and two kids catching many fish on a beach

Fishing Charters, Shelling Tours, Dolphin Tours, or Tiki Bar Hopping. They launch from Lovers Key in Estero Bay but they are able to pick you up anywhere around Fort Myers Beach.

Their boat (22ft NauticStar) is very capable of getting there quickly and safely. There is plenty of fish and wildlife to see.

On all trips, there will be a cooler of ice and water provided. Fishing Licenses, poles, and bait are included. Fish cleaning is free of charge.

Speak Easy Fishing Charters

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happy family fishing trip and hold their fish they have catch

With over 20 years of  fishing experience, they can guarantee a professional and memorable excursion. 

They offer a wide variety of private fishing, shelling, and eco-tour charters with competitive rates. 

They are open every day of the week ready to make booking your next outdoor adventure easier than ever.

“Get Hooked” Charter Fishing LLC

Phone: 239-691-1464
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four lucky guys on charter boat catching big fish

When you’re looking for fishing charters and fishing trips to remember on Estero Bay near Bonita Springs / Fort Myers, Florida, come to “Get Hooked” Charter Fishing. Every excursion is a new adventure.  

You’ll be able to catch incredible inshore saltwater gamefish and get a stunning glimpse at some amazing marine wildlife.  So come aboard and “Get Hooked”.

Charley’s Charters

Phone: 239-398-7714
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happy kids holding fresh catch fish

Captain Charley was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana but has been residing in Lee County, Florida since 1981.

Charley was an owner of Rodes Seafood in Bonita Springs since 1987 and has developed a tremendous following of loyal customers and residents due to his vast knowledge of fish and friendly advice.

Charley’s experience as a fisherman and fish connoisseur makes the fishing charter not only fun but extremely informative.

Sea Reaper Fishing Charters

Phone: 239-273-4978
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Southwest Florida is home to some of the best fishing in the world. Captain Chris Argiro’s goal is to give you a great day on the water and ensure that you have the best fishing experience!

The beauty of their location is that you are able to fish the back bay waters for snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon; or head out into the Gulf of Mexico for grouper, all kinds of snapper, kingfish, triple tail, permit, and the list goes on!

They offer Half Day, 3/4 Day, and Full Day adventures and take up to 4 people for a comfortable ride.”

Smokin Hooks, LLC

Phone: 239-292-9992
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two guys swimming in the ocean and catch grouper fish

Join the professional crew at Smokin’ Hooks for a fun-filled adventure in Southwest Florida. Smokin’ Hooks is best known for their memorable Fishing Charters.

They also offer VIP Cruises where you can experience spectacular views of the sunset and see Southwest Florida’s sea-life in its natural habitat.

Salty John’s Fishing Charters

Phone: 239-237-7334
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the girl and a guy are happy holding their fresh catch fish

When you’re looking for fishing charters and fishing trips to remember on Estero Bay near Bonita Springs come to Salty John’s Charter Fishing.

Every excursion is a new adventure.  You’ll be able to catch incredible inshore saltwater game fish and get a stunning glimpse at some amazing marine wildlife.

Bonita Springs Fishing Charter FAQs

How much is a fishing charter in Bonita Springs?

The average price in Bonita Springs for a half-day fishing trip of about 4 hours is around $500, and the price of a full-day trip will run you about $1000. 

Of course, there are many factors that may play into the cost of your Bonita Springs fishing experience like the number of anglers in your party, trip length, the type and size of the boat, as well as the fishing technique you’ll be using. 

What are the top species of fish to catch in Bonita Springs?

Guides in Bonita Springs target a number of popular fish species, so it all depends on where you want to fish and what you want to catch. 

Some Bonita Springs fishing charters will take you to explore the inshore areas like bays and flats for smaller game fish such as redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon. 

On the other hand, you can book a deep sea fishing charter that will target larger game fish like marlin, grouper, mahi-mahi, red snapper, and maybe even swordfish. 

What’s the difference between deep sea, inshore, and offshore fishing in Bonita Springs?

There are many different ways to experience fishing in Bonita Springs. When it comes to fishing guides, you typically have three options: inshore, offshore, and deep sea fishing charters. 

Inshore fishing means you’ll be staying in relatively shallow waters, fishing back bays, grass flats or within a few miles of the beaches for popular sport fish species.  The method is usually casting lures or using live baits. 

Offshore fishing is basically the same as deep sea fishing where the charter boat will take you out to open water where it gets much deeper.  Depth could range from 100 feet up to a few thousand feet deep. 

You will target fish species like tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, snapper and grouper.  Typically the method of fishing is trolling, but sometimes you can deep drop bait onto reefs or shipwrecks. You’ll be using a heavy-duty rod to tackle this type of fishing!

Can You Keep Your Catch?

Most of the time, yes! If you’re wondering about keeping the fish you catch on your charter, then don’t worry because you will almost always be allowed to take your fish home.

Usually, the charter crew will fillet your fish for you once you arrive back at the dock, so that you can simply take it home and cook it up any way you like.

Depending on the guide you book, they may even take you to a nearby restaurant that will cook your catch for you in a number of different ways, as well.

Which fishing charters in Bonita Springs are good for families?

If you’re planning a fishing trip in Bonita Springs for the family, you should make sure that the charter caters to families, especially if you are bringing children along. 

Luckily, many captains and their crew will be happy to accommodate families with children, and lots of them take pleasure in teaching kids all about fishing.

Final Thoughts

Fishing is a great way to spend a day, and there are plenty of places in the Bonita Springs area to try your hand at catching some fish. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out one of the many fishing charters in Bonita Springs.

They can help show you the ropes and take you to some great spots where you’re likely to catch something delicious.

Heading down to the Fort Myers Beach area? Take a look at some of the awesome guides down there too!

What do you like to catch in Bonita Springs? Let us know in the comments!

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