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Falcon Lake Fishing Guides to Book this Weekend

If you’re looking for a great fishing spot, Falcon Lake is definitely worth checking out. The lake is home to plenty of fish, so you’re almost guaranteed to catch something if you try.

fishing at sunset in the lake

In addition, there are a number of fishing guides who can help show you the best spots to fish and give you some tips on how to improve your chances of landing a big one. So why not give Falcon Lake a try? You may just be surprised at what you find!

Fishing Guides for Falcon Lake

  1. Broken Braid Guide Service
  2. Falcon Lake/Mexico Hunting & Fishing Guide Service
  3. High Stakes Bassin
  4. Jared Fishing Falcon Lake Guide
  5. Matt Reed Guide Service
  6. “Coach C” Guide Service
  7. Fish Falcon Lake
  8. Lake Falcon Guide Service       
  9. Oulaw Guide Service
  10. Texas Kings Outdoors
  11. Twisted Arrow Bowfishing – Falcon Lake

Broken Braid Guide Service

Phone: 361-562-4834
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Broken Braid Guide Service, owned and operated by John Adami, is committed to give fishing aficionados an experience that they will remember for a long time. John scours the waters of Falcon and Sugar Lake day in and day out, to ensure that every trip is a memorable one.

So if you’re looking for great fishing, good company and a chance at legendary fish give them a call and they’ll set you up with a fantastic trip.

Falcon Lake/Mexico Hunting & Fishing Guide Service

Phone: 956-848-5229
Visit Website

man on a boat holding fish

Carlos Olivares owns, operates, and guides out of the Falcon Heights Motel in Falcon Heights, Texas. He grew up on the Mexican and Texan border and has fished the shorelines of Falcon Lake all of his life.

He offers guided fishing services to some of the most productive bass lakes in the southern United States and northern Mexico in terms of size and numbers.

High Stakes Bassin

Phone: 956-754-0626
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Want to fish the #1 bass lake in the country? Put the odds in your favor and hit the water with a guide who does one thing and one thing only, and that’s fish Falcon Lake for monster bass.

High Stakes Bassin is a client-centered guiding service that focuses on putting the client in the best possible situation to be successful.

Jared Fishing Falcon Lake Guide

Phone: 956-312-2865
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All local and visiting anglers are invited to join Jared Fishing Falcon Lake Guide on an exploration of the rich local fishery. Jared is a guide who specializes in catching South Texas Crappie and Largemouth Bass using cutting-edge technology!

Jared Fishing Falcon Lake Guide will do everything possible to meet your fishing needs, have fun, create lifelong memories, and not break the bank while fishing. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Bass or Crappie trip, book a fishing trip with them.

Matt Reed Guide Service

Phone: 936-348-0640
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two guys having fun and holding fresh caught fish

Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit pro-Matt Reed spends most of his time off the tournament trail guiding at Falcon Lake in South Texas. Falcon is home to most of the biggest catches in MLF history.

And is one of the best lakes in the country for quantity and quality when it comes to largemouth. In the winter, the highs are often in the 70s, and Reed spends his days cranking up monster largemouths.

“Coach C” Guide Service

Phone: 830-305-1343
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two guys on fishing boat caught fish

George Cabasos has been fishing Falcon for a long time and has recently established a guide service here on Falcon. and he’s based at Lakefront Lodge. A native of South Texas, he is an excellent fisherman with excellent client relations.

Fish Falcon Lake

Phone: 361-449-7643
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a on a boat with a fresh fish on his hand

Scott Springer is a seasoned south Texas fishing guide with over 24 years of experience. Based in McMullen County, Texas, Scott guides fishing experiences on Choke Canyon Lake and Falcon Lake.

They offer single and multiple-day fishing trips for Falcon Lake and even for Choke Canyon Lake too.

Lake Falcon Guide Service       

Phone: 956-286-4091
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two guys holding fish

Jimmy Steed has been fishing Lake Falcon since the mid 80’s and have seen the lake from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs in both water level and how it’s fishing.

One thing I can absolutely promise any customer that would contact me for a trip is that I will tell you how it is if the fishing is good or bad you will get it straight with me.

I have been fishing pretty much all my life, I was lucky to have a great dad that got me started. As far as tournament fishing, I started like many people in a local bass club and moved up from there.

Oulaw Guide Service

Phone: 325-439-6045
Visit Website

Oulaw Guide Service, with Tommy Law, your professional Angler and Guide will make sure that your outing is not only an adventure but more importantly a success!

Be sure to see the videos on their website which will show you some of the great times their clients have enjoyed with Outlaw Guide Service. Come see why Falcon Lake is one of the most popular places to fish in Texas!

Texas Kings Outdoors

Phone: 956-740-6358
Visit Website

TKO takes pride in its customer service and satisfaction. Owner/guide Ram Reyes grew up on the waters of Falcon Lake alongside the South Texas brush and strives to build memorable fishing/hunting experiences for others, Let’s go Outdoors!

Twisted Arrow Bowfishing – Falcon Lake

Phone: 210-535-6987
Visit Website

family trip with a great fishing adventure

They offer fully guided bowfishing trips in and around San Antonio. No experience is needed they explain and teach you everything you need to know for a successful day/night on the water.

They use the best equipment for your trip. They fish from a raised deck and often encounter amazing wildlife on their trips often passing right beside large alligators. These trips are action packed and a once in a lifetime experience.

Final Thoughts

Fishing is a popular pastime for many people, and Falcon Lake is a great place to reel in some fish. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisherman, there are plenty of guides available to help you get the most out of your fishing trip.

So what do you like to catch in Falcon Lake? Let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy your time on the lake – good luck and tight lines!

Looking for some other great fishing guides in Texas? Lake Amistad is full of fish and there are plenty of experts to show you around!

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