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Best Fishing Weather Apps

best fishing weather mobile apps

The weather plays a huge role in fishing.  Not only for the patterns and how it affects the fish, but also your comfort.   Nothing is worse than getting stuck on a big lake or ocean when the wind picks up and waves start tossing your boat around.   You need to download and use fishing weather apps to stay safe and catch more fish.

The good thing is these days we have technology to help us better predict the wind and waves before we hit the water.


These are the Best Weather Apps for Fishing

Since weather does play a key role in when it is best, and safest, to go fishing, many apps have been designed to help inform fishermen.  The following are the weather apps I depend on for fishing.  I use all of them as they tend to slightly differ in data.  I recommend downloading all of these apps for the best forecast info.


It seems that the most popular app among people who enjoy to fish is called FishWeather.   This free app reports wind conditions so you know where to fish. The app will also send you forecasts no matter where you in the world.   Pick your spot on the map or one of the many weather stations and they give you historical data and a one week forecast.

fishweather app forecast


One of my favorites because it is an all in one app with wind, wave height predictions, tides, air and water temperature.  I really like the color coded graph with green for calm days and red for days you want to avoid due to high winds and storms.

windy app graphs



Wind Finder

Wind Finder is fun to use for their color coded and animated wind map.  Purple and dark blue for less wind and green to red for windy areas.  You can zoom in to specific spots or select a wider area.  Click on map points or scroll on the daily bar for forecast views.

wind finder app


Buoy Weather

Buoy Weather is one of the most accurate fishing weather apps, but the only drawback is their free version is a two day window.  If you want the full 16 day forecast you need to pay the annual fee.  Yea, no monthly fees, they get you on annual even though most of us only boat or fish heavily seven months of the year.  Either way I still keep in on my iphone for last minute weather predictions.

buoy weather app


Knowing the weather is not only great for fishing and catching more fish, it is really important for safety.  If you fish on big bodies of water like lakes and oceans, you must have the fishing weather apps listed on this page.

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