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Top 14 Fishing Charters in Gloucester

Are you an angler or fisherman? If so, you’re probably always looking for new fishing spots to try. Luckily, Gloucester has some great fishing charters that can take you to some amazing locations.

charter boat with a group of people on board

Whether you’re looking for cod, haddock, pollack, or anything else, these charters can help you get the most out of your trip. So what are you waiting for? Book a charter today!

Angelica Fisheries Tuna Fishing Charters Gloucester Ma.

Phone: 978-315-3399
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people are having fun on their fishing trip

They are one of Gloucester’s traditional, old school, commercial fishing vessels, working year-round to feed the nation.

They are proud to be featured as part of the National Geographic Channel’s show “Wicked Tuna.” Their Charters include haddock, cod, pollack, as well as Giant Bluefin Tuna.

The F/V Hard Merchandise is a 38ft Danielshead solid fiberglass Novi boat that was completely rebuilt in the winter of 2019-2020 .

New engine, new deck, new cabin, and she’s now powered with a brand new FPT N67 Evo ( same engines on falcon ) capable of 500 hp. This means a faster ride to fishing grounds along with a new comfortable cabin.

Karen Lynn Charters

Phone: 508-212-3364
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Karen Lynn Charters is New England’s premier sport fishing charter boat, specializing in Gloucester Bluefin Tuna fishing, Striped Bass, Cod and Haddock, and Sharks. The custom-built 43’ Carol Lowell design was launched in 2007 and is a state-of-the-art fishing machine.

Therefore, it’s fast, extremely seaworthy, and has the latest and most sophisticated electronics to help us consistently put you onto big fish. Captain Collin MacKenzie and our experienced mates, will consistently find and raise big fish.

Sweet Dream Sport Fishing Charters

Phone: 617-803-1197
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Experience professional and top rated sport fishing charters from Gloucester MA. Join the F/V SWEET DREAM Sport Fishing crew catching School Tuna, Giant Bluefin Tuna, Cod and Haddock, Halibut, and Sharks.

They feature Giant Tuna Fishing Charters, fishing on the famous Stellwagen Bank, Tillies Bank, and Jeffery’s Ledge. The F/V SWEET DREAM is the finest big game fishing machine on the North Shore.

She is a fast and comfortable 38′ custom built Flowers Downeast sport fishing yacht. Captain Bruce Sweet has been professionally guiding and commercial fishing the waters off Cape Ann MA for over 35 years and is dedicated to making your fishing charter a lifetime experience.

Whistler Fishing Charters

Phone: 603-494-8600
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At Whistler Fishing Charters they strive to make sure every day on the water with them is one your family and friends won’t forget. They put in the extra hours to give everyone the best chance at a giant blue fin!

Landing a giant is an experience that still gives them the chills every time they catch one. The strength and speed of these fish on top of their great eyesight make catching this species one of the ocean’s greatest accomplishments.

striperking charters

Phone: 978-855-6014
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fisherman on the fishing boat has caught fish

Striper King is located in historic Gloucester Massachusetts, where fishing is second to none. Come aboard their new 28′ TJason with lots of deck space for more comfort as they fish the pristine waters of Cape Ann.

Windfish Private Tours and Fishing Charters

Phone: 978-270-3177
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Their goal is to provide their guests with a memorable experience! They can accommodate guests of all ages and interests. Their friendly and knowledgeable Captains provide safe, informative marine navigation and strive to exceed your expectations!

Windfish is a versatile 25-foot Parker suitable for fishing and summer fun for up to 5 passengers of all ages.

Fully equipped for fishing, beach days, whale-watching, touring the coast at sunset, or grilling your catch – stow your belongings in the cabin, stretch your sea legs on the roomy deck, and get ready for some fun!

North Shore Anglers

Phone: 978-821-4055
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North Shore Anglers and the Miss Sambvca II are headed by Captain Frank Taormina. Born and raised in America’s Oldest Seaport and major fishing port, Gloucester, Massachusetts, this local and his crew have been fishing the waters for over 15 years.

Specializing in Bluefin Tuna and Striped Bass fishing, Captain Frank also knows where to go to fill up the freezer with Ground Fish like Cod and Haddock!

This crew will provide some deep insight and local flavor as they guide you through an exciting and picturesque deep sea fishing tour along Gloucester’s coast.

Coastal Fishing Charters

Phone: 508-284-2909
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two fishermen holding a fish

Their boat, the Lady D, is a 35` T Jason with a 440hp Yanmar diesel engine that travels up to 20 knots for an exciting ride out to see the gentle giants. They like to leave early and get out to the whales before the whale watch boats get there. This vessel has a stand-up bathroom.

A commercial sword fisherman and herring seiner from 1970 to 1983, Nick Danikas became a coast guard licensed captain in 1983. Nick has owned and operated his own commercial whale watch companies since then.

Nick has personally led hundreds of fishing charters and over 5,000 whale watch trips. Nick has over 30 years of experience fishing off of the Massachusetts coast, fishing for striped bass, tuna, bluefish, and other species along the shores of Cape Ann.

Lady J. Fishing Charters

Phone: 978-290-1359
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five fishermen on the boat and caught  a lot  of fish

Captain Dave Jewell owner and operator of the Lady J. He would like to welcome you aboard his second home to experience what life is like as a professional fisherman.

For him there is nothing better or more rewarding than a day at sea loading the boat with the best New England has to offer.

It is his mission to bring you the excitement that fishing offshore of Gloucester brings him each day, give them the opportunity to show you how great fishing can be and they will make sure not to disappoint you.

Depending on the season they may be targeting one or several species, including Cod, Haddock, Striped Bass, Bluefish, or their favorite Giant Bluefin Tuna

Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

Phone: 978-283-0197
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Connemara Bay Fishing Charters offers deep sea fishing (striped bass, haddock, cod, tuna, and more), lobstering tours, and clambake/lobster bake cruises in and around the waters off Cape Ann, Massachusetts, including Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, and Ipswich.

CB Fishing Charters operates under two fishing boats. The Connnemara Bay II is a 37-foot Mitchell Cove and the Silver Lining is a 42-foot Muscle Ridge.

Both boats were constructed in Maine and boast a tremendous amount of deck space. Additionally, the boat state of the art electronics, bathroom facilities, and all coast guard-mandated safety equipment.

You will not regret booking a trip on either of these charter fishing boats.

Gloucester Fleet Deep Sea Fishing & Charters

Phone: 978-559-1978
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loving couple having a great time in their fishing trip

Gloucester Fleet is the proud owner of the Lady Sea! Over 65 tons of fun, the Lady Sea was custom built in Florida.

With a fully stocked galley that serves cold beer and hot food, two full bathrooms featuring freshwater sinks, and comfortable benches aligning the entire deck, the Lady Sea was built for comfort, entertainment, and fishing.

Charlie’s Charters Fishing and Sightseeing

Phone: 978-281-8992
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girl is holding fish on the boat

Captain Scott & son Charlie will work together for a successful trip. Capt. Scott has over 40 years of fishing experience and more than 30 years taking passengers for hire, the most in the fleet. This is their profession not a hobby!

Capt. Scott, a native Gloucester man has extensive knowledge of fish patterns and habitat. He is also well versed in the local lore, rich history, and storied fishing past of their nation’s oldest seaport.

Yankee Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

Phone: 978-283-0313
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In 1944, on the shore 35 miles north of Boston a young Captain named Jerry Hill began taking visitors for an afternoon sail…Now Yankee Fleet is owned and run by Thomas Orrell, he enjoys “Keeping the Tradition Going.”

Tom started working with Yankee Fleet in the late seventies and has now managed and operated Yankee Fleet since 1991. Tom enjoys taking their new and old patrons fishing, creating new and lasting memories for all ages!

Fat Tuna Charters

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Their primary target is Giant Bluefin Tuna. If they catch a GBT (0ver 73”) they will sell the fish commercially. Clients will get back 20% of the sale proceeds after all expenses.

This will go towards future charters. They may tag and release the tuna depending on if the fishery quota is closed for the month. Sometimes charters, are in the mix with tuna that are under 73”.

If that is the case, and it gets late in the charter, they could take one of these homes to the butcher for clients. This will only occur if they feel that the chances of landing a giant are not good for the day.

Gloucester Fishing Charter FAQs

How much is a fishing charter in Gloucester?

The average price in Gloucester for a half-day fishing trip of about 4 hours is around $500, and the price of a full-day trip will run you about $1000. 

Of course, there are many factors that may play into the cost of your Gloucester fishing experience like the number of anglers in your party, trip length, the type and size of the boat, as well as the fishing technique you’ll be using. 

What are the top species of fish to catch in Gloucester?

Guides in Gloucester target a number of popular fish species, so it all depends on where you want to fish and what you want to catch. 

Some Gloucester fishing charters will take you to explore the inshore areas like bays and flats for smaller game fish such as redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon. 

On the other hand, you can book a deep sea fishing charter that will target larger game fish like marlin, grouper, mahi-mahi, red snapper, and maybe even swordfish. 

What’s the difference between deep sea, inshore, and offshore fishing in Gloucester?

There are many different ways to experience fishing in Gloucester. When it comes to fishing guides, you typically have three options: inshore, offshore, and deep sea fishing charters. 

Inshore fishing means you’ll be staying in relatively shallow waters, fishing back bays, grass flats or within a few miles of the beaches for popular sport fish species.  The method is usually casting lures or using live baits. 

Offshore fishing is basically the same as deep sea fishing where the charter boat will take you out to open water where it gets much deeper.  Depth could range from 100 feet up to a few thousand feet deep.  You will target fish species like tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, snapper and grouper.  Typically the method of fishing is trolling, but sometimes you can deep drop bait onto reefs or shipwrecks.  

Can You Keep Your Catch?

Most of the time, yes! If you’re wondering about keeping the fish you catch on your charter, then don’t worry because you will almost always be allowed to take your fish home.

Usually, the charter crew will fillet your fish for you once you arrive back at the dock, so that you can simply take it home and cook it up any way you like.

Depending on the guide you book, they may even take you to a nearby restaurant that will cook your catch for you in a number of different ways, as well. 

Which fishing charters in Gloucester are good for families?

If you’re planning a fishing trip in Gloucester for the family, you should make sure that the charter caters to families, especially if you are bringing children along. 

Luckily, many captains and their crew will be happy to accommodate families with children, and lots of them take pleasure in teaching kids all about fishing. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great fishing spot, Gloucester is a great place to go. The Gloucester fishing charters are top-notch, and you’re sure to have a good time out on the water.

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner, there’s something for everyone in Gloucester. So don’t miss out – book your charter today!

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