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Ice Fishing Picks and Safety Gear

Ice fishing can be a fun experience with friends and family, but safety should always be top of mind especially in early and late season.  Every year there are a number of injuries and even deaths related to ice fishing accidents.  When it comes to ice fishing gear, most anglers forget to add safety into the list.  Protect yourself and family with some ice fishing safety gear, which might save lives if the situation arises.

Top Selling Ice Fishing Picks (Quick Picks)


Want more info on the best ice fishing picks.  Read our reviews and detailed descriptions for each product below.

Best Ice Fishing Picks and Ice Safety Gear Reviews

  1. Frabill 6579 Retractable Ice Picks
  2. Frabill 6580 Ice Safety Kit
  3. Celsius Two Steel Spikes
  4. Celcius Ice Fishing Safety Kit
  5. Goglobe Rescue Throw Bag
  6. Clam Floating Ice Picks
  7. Best Marine Throw Bag Rescue Rope
  8. Scotty #793 Throw Bag
  9. NRS Pick-of-Life Ice Awls

Frabill 6579 Retractable Ice Picks

Frabill Deluxe Retractable Ice Picks
  • Frabill | Trusted By Anglers Since 1938
  • Ice picks help you climb out in the event of an emergency situation where you fall through the ice
  • Designed to be worn | Simply hold one handle in each hand then put on your jacket or coat | Ice Picks will stay at the base of your sleeve to be easily within reach in the event of an emergency
  • Retractable guard on each pick
  • Cord stretches to 72 inches

Frabill 6580 Ice Safety Kit

Frabill Ice Safety Kit, Black and Yellow
  • Frabill | Trusted By Anglers Since 1938
  • Includes | Whistle, retractable ice picks, and one pair of XL ice creepers
  • Safety whistle alerts others to danger
  • Ice Picks | Designed to be worn, simply hold one handle in each hand then put on your jacket or coat | Picks will stay at the base of your sleeve to be easily within reach in the event of an emergency
  • XL Ice Creepers | Rubber pull-ons attach to boots easily | 10 carbide spikes per creeper provide sturdy grip across ice to keep you upright and safe

Celsius Two Steel Spikes

Celsius Two Steel Spikes ILP-1 Escape Life Preserver Easy-Grip Molded Handles
  • Offers A Safe And Simple Method Of Extraction From Frigid Waters.
  • Molded Plastic Is Ribbed And Easy To Grip When Wet.
  • Conveniently Sized Life-Saving Device.
  • Easily Stored In A Jacket, Or Vest.

Celcius Ice Fishing Safety Kit

Celsius Ice Fishing ISK-1 Safety Kit Cleats/Grips/Whistle
  • Package length: 23.876 cm
  • Package width: 13.97 cm
  • Package height: 4.064 cm

Goglobe Rescue Throw Bag

Goglobe Rescue Throw Bag with 60 Feet Floating Rope for Boating Kayaking Ice Fishing Safety
  • Rescue throw bag with rope 60' x 10/32" 550 lb test/18m x 8mm 250 kg test
  • Throw rope made by polypropylene in bright yellow color for high visibility can floats on water surface
  • High visibility soft bucket with reflective strip safety band and foam floatation Insert designed to float
  • Drawstring and cord lock top closure self-draining bag keep rope tangle free
  • Heavy-duty, twisted core with jacketed lining for extra strength and durability

Clam Floating Ice Picks

Clam 9579 Floating Ice Picks
  • Product Type: Fishing Equipment
  • Package Dimensions: 4.064 L X 9.652 W X 18.796 H (Centimeters)
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Package Weight: 0.136 Kilograms

Best Marine Throw Bag Rescue Rope

Best Marine Emergency Water Rescue Throw Bag | Throwable Safety Device for Kayaking, Boating, Lifeguard & Ice Fishing | Boat & Kayak Accessories | Search & Rescue Gear Equipment
  • Exactly What You Need for a Rescue: When you need to rescue someone overboard, the intensity of the situation and the emotions involved can make it hard to think. That's why it's important to travel prepared. With the Best Marine water rescue throw bag, you have an effective emergency tool you can use at a moment’s notice. The bright orange color makes it easily visible, and the included 70-foot marine rope is the perfect length to throw far distances.
  • Optimal Design and Performance: Our 12-inch by 5-inch rescue bag is built to perform. When you're in an emergency, you can't afford a bad throw. The bag weighs 1.5 pounds, which is an ideal weight for making accurate throws. It contains a foam insert that keeps it afloat so your target can grab onto it while you reel them in. From the construction to the function, these heavy-duty nylon bags are built to last.
  • Quick and Easy to Operate: In an emergency, you need a throw bag that's easy to operate. Best Marine has you covered. Attach the rope loop to your wrist or your watercraft, then hold the bag with the top handle (or like a football) and throw it to your target. The rope will unravel as it travels. Once the target grabs the bag, slowly pull them in. After a rescue, dry the rope and bag before storing it away.
  • Convenient to Repack and Reuse: A throw bag that can only be used once isn't very functional. Thankfully, we designed a bag that's easy to reuse. Just coil the 70-foot rope starting with the bottom part attached to the bag and ending at the top of the rope with the loop. You'll want to loosely stuff the bag. No twisting or tying. You want the rope to easily eject as you throw it to a target. Fasten the drawstring closure on the bag to secure the rope.
  • Travel Prepared for Emergencies: When you're out on the water, whether it's kayaking, canoeing, sailing, or swimming, there aren't always lifeguards around in case of an emergency. Don't allow what's supposed to be a relaxing, fun getaway turn into a preventable nightmare. There's nothing like having the peace of mind to know that if someone fell overboard, you have the equipment necessary to rescue them.

Scotty #793 Throw Bag

Scotty #793 Throw Bag w/ 50-Feet of Floating MFP Line
  • Country Of Origin : Canada
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 11.1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 4.55 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 10.75 Inches

NRS Pick-of-Life Ice Awls

Pick-of-Life Ice Awls
  • provides solid hand holds
  • retractable covers that protect you from the pick
  • unsinkable


Stay Safe on the Lake with the Best Ice Fishing Safety Equipment

Study up on ice fishing safety to ensure you don’t get hurt out on the ice! Always dress warm and protect your hands from frostbite with ice fishing gloves. Keep a pick on your in case you fall through the ice, but take preventative measures like checking the thickness of the ice first to avoid this altogether!

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