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Top 9 Fishing Charters in Nantucket

If you’re an angler, fisherman, or simply enjoy spending time on the water, then a Nantucket fishing charter is a must experience.

fisherman fishing from the charter boat

With its abundance of sea life and stunning scenery, Nantucket is the perfect place to cast your line and reel in some Dorado or Tuna.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable fishing adventure, look no further than a Nantucket fishing charter. You won’t be disappointed.

Topspin Fishing Charters

Phone: 508-246-6210
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Topspin Fishing Charters specializes in inshore and offshore sportfishing in the waters surrounding Nantucket Island.

Captain Carl can guide you to any fish that is in season, including striped bass, bluefish, fluke, black seabass, bonito, false albacore, and bluefin tuna. Our 35′ Terry Jason can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 6 people.

Whether you’re up for a full day of deep-sea fishing, a half-day closer to shore, or just some incredible sightseeing, Topspin offers memorable experiences on the water that will be a highlight of your Nantucket story.

Albacore Charters

Phone: 508-228-5074
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The Albacore is a 35-foot custom Sport Fisherman built by Cape Island Boats. A Duffy and Duffy hull powered by a 500hp Cummins Engine. The Albacore provides a comfortable ride in all types of sea conditions.

Captain Bob DeCosta is a second-generation Charter Boat Captain with 50 years of experience fishing the waters around Nantucket. In 2013 Capt. Bob was voted one of the top 50 Charter Boat Captains in the world by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine.

Althea K Sport Fishing

Phone: 508-325-2167
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On the Althea K. every trip is a custom experience that leaves you with lifelong memories. When you talk with Capt. Pete he’s happy to hear about your interests and give you details about the different options available.

Whether you are looking to catch giant fish, spend quality time on the water with your family, or go whale watching. Every trip is an action-packed adventure.

Nantucket is a seasonal fishery with many options for trip types and gamefish species available from Springtime through the Fall. Captain Pete and his mate are experts in all gear types and fishing styles but specialize in actively casting and jigging for their fish.

They welcome all experience levels from beginner to expert, and if you have any questions or skills you want to work on in particular Pete and his mate are great teachers as well.

Starr Fish Charters

Phone: 508-221-0298
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Come and enjoy a great day of fishing aboard the STARRFISH, a custom built 35` Duffy and Duffy. Captain Jay, Austin, and Lionel Starr will share their local knowledge of the rips and shoals that surround Nantucket for an enjoyable experience.

With 4 generations of native experience, they know where the fish are and how to catch them. Capt. Jay holds a USCG 100 ton steam or motor vessel master’s license with a commercial towing endorsement.

He has been fishing the waters both for fun and commercially his entire life along with his father Lionel and son Austin who also holds a 50 Ton master’s license. Together they can teach a novice or challenge a seasoned veteran, whether an 8 lb bluefish or 800 lb giant bluefin tuna.

They love to catch them all and have fun, so book the best part of your vacation today. You have waited all winter for this season. It’s finally here, so let’s go fishing! They take pride in their boat and equipment but more importantly, their customers, they will not waste your time.

Monomoy Charters

Phone: 508-228-6867
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The Monomoy is an inspected vessel which means the boat is inspected every year by the Coast Guard and the captain and crew are trained and tested to pass very strict safety standards.

We carry personal floatation devices on board for all passengers (children and adults). Children are not required to wear one during the trip, however, if you would like your child to wear one, we would suggest you bring yours – ours are not very comfortable.

Lisa Lynn Charters

Phone: 508-221-8594
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Lisa Lynn Charters is a fishing charter company based out of Nantucket Massachusetts. It is a business that sprung from the love of fishing and boats from a local Nantucket family.

Jonathan Holdgate, the owner and captain of The Lisa Lynn, created this business in hopes to create the same love and passion that he has for the water in his surrounding community.

Jonathan Holdgate, Lisa Lynn’s captain, is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Transportation.

He currently holds a 3rd Mates Unlimited license with a 100 tonnage captains license with tons of experience on the water. If he is not running the Lisa Lynn he is on the Tug boat COHO transporting asphalt from port to port.

Just Do It Too

Phone: 508-228-7448
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Captain Marc Genthner is a renowned professional sport fishing guide and the owner of the Just Do It Too, which is based out of Nantucket, Massachusetts. He is a United States Coast Guard licensed captain who can accommodate up to 16 anglers.

He is a very knowledgeable guide who has been fishing in the area for over 35 years. Captain Marc looks forward to having you out for an awesome fishing excursion in Nantucket.

Captain Marc and his wife Brenda have three daughters and reside in Nantucket full time.

Absolute Sport Fishing

Phone: 508-325-4000
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Captain Brian Borgeson is the owner/operator of the business. He holds a Coast Guard 100 Ton Masters license and has been plying the waters off of Nantucket as a captain and a mate for 15 years.

As a native of Wayland, Massachusetts, Brian has spent his entire life fishing and clamming the shores of the Commonwealth. As a result, Brian has extensive experience catching the many fish species found in our Nantucket waters.

Go fishing with Nantucket’s best and largest fishing boat! The Absolute is a 40-foot sport fishing boat with room for up to 28 people. Join Captain Brian Borgeson and crew on a 2.5 hour, 5-hour, or all-day offshore fishing adventure.

Nantucket Fishing

Phone: 508-325-1575
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Nantucket Island is truly a special place and they are so fortunate to have world class fishing from June through mid October around their waters.

June has proven to be the best month for fishing Striped Bass. The stripers make their annual migration North in mid to late May. Water temperatures are in the mid 50’s and the bass is chasing big schools of sand eels, herring, and squid.

They target the stripers in both shallow waters and also fish them in the many rips along the east end of Nantucket. Fishing soft baits on the surface are one of their methods.

It is not uncommon to catch both Stripers and Bluefish on most trips. Bluefish at times are very abundant and catching them on surface lures is very exciting.

Nantucket Fishing Charter FAQs

How much is a fishing charter in Nantucket?

The average price in Nantucket for a half-day fishing trip of about 4 hours is around $500, and the price of a full-day trip will run you about $1000. 

Of course, there are many factors that may play into the cost of your Nantucket fishing experience like the number of anglers in your party, trip length, the type and size of the boat, as well as the fishing technique you’ll be using. 

What are the top species of fish to catch in Nantucket?

Guides in Nantucket target a number of popular fish species, so it all depends on where you want to fish and what you want to catch. 

Some Nantucket fishing charters will take you to explore the inshore areas like bays and flats for smaller game fish such as redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon. 

On the other hand, you can book a deep sea fishing charter that will target larger game fish like marlin, grouper, mahi-mahi, red snapper, and maybe even swordfish. 

What’s the difference between deep sea, inshore, and offshore fishing in Nantucket?

There are many different ways to experience fishing in Nantucket. When it comes to fishing guides, you typically have three options: inshore, offshore, and deep sea fishing charters. 

Inshore fishing means you’ll be staying in relatively shallow waters, fishing back bays, grass flats or within a few miles of the beaches for popular sport fish species.  The method is usually casting lures or using live baits. 

Offshore fishing is basically the same as deep sea fishing where the charter boat will take you out to open water where it gets much deeper.  Depth could range from 100 feet up to a few thousand feet deep.  You will target fish species like tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, snapper and grouper.  Typically the method of fishing is trolling, but sometimes you can deep drop bait onto reefs or shipwrecks.  

Can You Keep Your Catch?

Most of the time, yes! If you’re wondering about keeping the fish you catch on your charter, then don’t worry because you will almost always be allowed to take your fish home.

Usually, the charter crew will fillet your fish for you once you arrive back at the dock, so that you can simply take it home and cook it up any way you like.

Depending on the guide you book, they may even take you to a nearby restaurant that will cook your catch for you in a number of different ways, as well. 

Which fishing charters in Nantucket are good for families?

If you’re planning a fishing trip in Nantucket for the family, you should make sure that the charter caters to families, especially if you are bringing children along. 

Luckily, many captains and their crew will be happy to accommodate families with children, and lots of them take pleasure in teaching kids all about fishing. 

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a fun and exciting fishing experience? If so, a Nantucket fishing charter may be just what you are looking for. These charters offer anglers of all skill levels a chance to catch some of the area’s most prized fish.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you are sure to have an enjoyable time on one of these charters. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

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