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Philpott Lake Fishing Guides

While you may have thought that fishing was a hobby or pastime for the older generation, millennials are picking up the sport in droves. Maybe it’s because our parents took us as kids and we want to share this passion with our own children. Perhaps we enjoy catching dinner rather than ordering takeout. Or maybe it’s just an easy way to spend time with friends and family outdoors during warmer months of the year. Whatever your reason, Philpott Lake has many great spots for beginners learning how to fish.


Fishdoc’s Guide Service


If you fish Buggs Island very often, you’ve likely ran in to Keith Wray from time to time. He averages fishing over 250 days each year, even doing so before he retired from Miller Brewery several years ago. He’s always been known to be an excellent fisherman of all common freshwater species and winning numerous fishing tournaments across the state from the 1970’s till now. One thing that sets Keith apart from almost all other fishermen is his willingness to share what he has learned in his many years of fishing, freely passing on this knowledge to others.

fishdocs guide service


Bighorn Trout Shop


The Bighorn Trout Shop’s guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Our years of experience are at your service. We are here to teach you how to catch our wild trout, and whether you are a beginner or an expert, our stream-savvy guides can get the job done.

bighorn trout shop


Smith River Outfitters


Spend a half day with an experienced, professional angler as they guide you down a premier trout stream offering both stocked rainbows, brookies and wild Browns.

smith river outfitters

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