Rapala Lures

Rapala Lures are some of the best lures in the world, known and trusted by fishermen in over 140 countries globally. Since 1936, Rapala has produced high-quality lures and other fishing products. Anglers everywhere respect the Rapala brand and choose their lures over competitors, and rightly so: 242 all-time world-record fish have been caught on Rapala lures. Every lure is fine-tuned and tested to ensure it has the same action and quality control of every Rapala lure, so the fish can’t resist.

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About Rapala Lures

Rapala lures are known for their action: they have an unmistakable, irresistible “wounded minnow” swimming movement that attracts bites. From the first Rapala® Original Floating lure created by Lauri Rapala, Rapala lures draw strikes like no others, whether you fish them slow or fast, shallow or deep.

Even skittish fish can be tempted with a Rapala. Other brands have tried and failed to recreate the classic Rapala action. They fall short because Rapala is still the only company in the world that mass produces fishing lures made of balsa wood. While Rapala's commitment to quality takes more work, it is crucial to achieving the swimming action that drives fish wild. Each Rapala is hand-tuned and tested for premium action. No shortcuts. No gimmicks. Rapala Lures aren't the best new thing - they're the best thing that has been around and will stay around because they work.

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