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person in a stand up fishing kayak

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak

The commonly held conception of a fishing kayak is one of a fisherman sat down in complete tranquility waiting for a fish to bite the rod. However, there are actually numerous brands of kayak that will allow you to...

person with a fishing kayak on the beach

Best Fishing Kayak Under $400

Your kayak can make or break that fishing trip you’ve been looking forward to all year. If you mean to up your catch rate, you’ll need to spend some long hours on the water. A kayak that doesn’t allow you to do this...

Man Kayak Fishing at Sunrise

Best Kayak Fishing Rods

Whether you’re an experienced angler with an appetite for kayak fishing or a beginner looking to try out a spot of kayak fishing, you will need a top-quality kayak fishing rod. To be successful at fishing, you need a...