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Tackle is anything an angler uses to catch fish, but usually refers to fishing line and anything attached to it. Fishing tackle includes line, leaders, hooks, lures, swivels, weights or sinkers, bobbers, and more. All of these items are great to have in your tackle box, although some are more necessary than others.

You’ll need fishing line to catch anything, of course, but there are different types of line and then endless products and brands within those categories. There are different types of hooks, and each style of fishing has different hooks that work better than others. 

Lures can perform just as well and often better than baits to catch fish, but you need to know what style lure, weight, color, and other factors. Other tackle like weights, swivels, and bobbers affect rigging and how your hook will be presented in the water. Learn what fishing tackle you’ll need and what works best here on Fishmasters.