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person holding a redfish

7 Best Redfish Baits to Use

Redfish are among the most popular gamefish in the American South, and anglers from the world flock to the Southeast U.S. each year for a chance to fight one of these prolific gamefish. Redfish are a drum species, and...

Red drum fish lying on a table and ready to fillet

Can You Eat Red Drum?

One of the most popular sport fish in the southern United States, red drums can grow to be nearly five feet in length and weigh up to 100 pounds. With a fish this size, you are probably wondering: can you eat red drum...

lures for redfish

Best Redfish Lures

Redfish, also called red drum, channel bass or spottail bass, is a popular game fish. If you’re planning a fishing trip and want to catch this species, you’ll want the best redfish lures to trigger bites...