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surf fishing line

Best Line for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing often entails casting long distances in tough saltwater conditions. Many of the fish you may catch in the ocean are also larger and harder to wrestle in. This means that your choice of fishing line is...

people surf fishing on a beach

Best Surf Fishing Reels

Surf fishing is hard on reels – the saltwater marine environment corrodes them more easily, and the stronger, larger fish, currents, wind, and other water conditions test the strength of even the best surf fishing...

surf fishing rods on the beach

Best Surf Fishing Rods for the Beach

Surf fishing is one of the most popular ways to saltwater fish around the world.  The beaches give you direct access to the ocean and it is much less expensive than owning a boat.  Like all types of fishing, fishing...

pflueger president xt low profile baitcast surf fishing reel

Pflueger President XT Low Profile Review

For a lightweight baitcasting reel, try out the Pflueger President XT Low Profile Baitcast Reel. One of the best surf fishing reels, this baitcasting reel allows for more power and control than others. The Pflueger...

daiwa millionaire m7htmag surf reel

Daiwa Millionaire M7HTMAG Baitcasting Reel

The Daiwa Millionare M7HTMAG Surf Casting Reel is among the best baitcasting options for surf fishing reels. With five super corrosion resistant ball bearings, one stainless steel ball bearing, and one roller bearing...

penn battle II spinning surf fishing reel

Fin-Nor Offshore Spin Fishing Reel

The Fin-Nor Offshore Spin Fishing Reel is one of the toughest surf fishing reels on the market. Those hoping to fight large fish should invest in this surf fishing reel, as it is stronger and more durable than most...