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Why Knot Fishing are a global team of passionate and positive anglers bringing a set of values and purpose to fishing. Their community allows each angler to be part of something greater than themselves: promoting conservation, practicing catch & release, sharing knowledge and passing on these values to the next generation.

Members of the WKF community have the upper hand in the fishing community.

Their mission is simple, provide our members with awesome deals on the best gear and the freshest attire, deliver access to the most exciting fishing events and make available online connections to like minded anglers and top fishing experts in the industry in order to help all their members become better anglers.

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Head Captains

Meet Joe and Matt; the Co-Founders and Head Captains of #TeamWhyKnot!

Joe Gugino

Joe Gugino was first introduced to fishing by his mother while staying at Twin Oaks Lodge up in Canada with his family. He grew up fishing in freshwater around where they lived in West Hartford, CT with his brothers and their friend Brian Malchoff. During high school, and college, Joe was most focused on playing lacrosse and played at Endicott College for 4 years. He became reobsessed with fishing after graduating college, and staying on Boston’s North Shore. That is where he fell in love fishing for Striped Bass, especially from his kayak, but also from shore, boat and SUP. He loves fishing and catching big fish, but enjoys getting others into the sport, and seeing them hook up just as much!


Matt Zimmermann

Matt grew up in Glastonbury, CT. Since an early age with his family Matt would visit his grandparents in FL and would obsess over fishing the ponds behind their house. He was hooked, at the age of 16 he started working on a private charter boat fishing Block Island and RI waters. Specializing in topwater plugs and light tackle, his love for the sport grew to a new level. After playing hockey and attending Endicott College, Matt & Joe founded Why Knot Fishing. Together, their passion and dreams are starting to become a reality.


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