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The Best Bass Fishing Rods

There are so many things that come into play when picking a rod for bass fishing. Without proper knowledge of the right fishing rods and their key components, you may pick a faulty rod. It is important to take a look at all the traits of a rod and how they will work together. You need to familiarize yourself with many aspects before committing to one rod completely.

Bass Fishing Rods

Bass can be tricky fish to catch. Some days you can catch a lot and other days you might not even get a bite. If you want to increase the amount of bass that you catch, you need to have the right gear. The most important gear that you can have is the rod.

  1. Best Spinning Rods for Bass
  2. Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass


Best Spinning Rods for Bass

Spinning rods are easier to cast, and are therefore recommended for beginners. We’ve found the best spinning rods for bass fishing, based on brand, quality of materials, strength, and more.

These are the Best Bass Spinning Rods for 2020


  1. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod
  2. KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod
  3. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod
  4. Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod
  5. Cadence Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Even though the word ugly is in its name, do not let it fool you. The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod is a sleek, modern rod with a matte black finish with red and silver accents. The rod itself is made of graphite and fiberglass. This combination of material ensures that the rod is strong, durable, and sensitive at the same time.

The rod also has a signature clear tip so that you can call on some extra strength whenever you need it. Overall this rod is lightweight and comfortable to hold. One thing to keep in mind with this rod is that it does not handle grooving well.

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KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod

kastking perigee ii bass spinning rod

From trusted fishing brand KastKing, the Perigee II Spinning Rod is one of the top-rated rods by bass anglers. The rod is constructed with high tech carbon fiber blanks for power, strength, durability, and reliability. Every component of the KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod is made with the utmost quality; it has Fuji O-Ring line guides, tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats, high-density EVA grips, and a Saf-T-Keeper hook holder.

Each KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod comes with two different rod tips: either medium and medium-heavy, or medium and medium-light. This gives anglers more versatility out on the water, which can be extremely useful when bass fishing. The KastKing Perigee II Spinning rod comes in sizes from 4’6″ to 7’6″, and has a moderate-fast to fast action. It is also an extremely affordable option considering its quality.

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Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

ugly stik elite bass spinning rod

This rod maintains a great balance in the handle. The handle is made of cork material which is coupled with new guides. The balance of this rod is important because it determines how long you can comfortably hold the rod while fishing. The rod will also allow you to catch larger bass with ease. It is very bend resistant, so you will not have to worry about the rod breaking while reeling in the larger, more difficult fish.

This rod also has a clear tip so it is highly sensitive and strong. This rod also has a quick recovery time so that the bend does not last and it recovers fast. The overall comfort and sensitivity of this rod are huge bonuses. This reel is made with 35% more graphite, for extra strength and control.

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Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

shimano stimula 2-piece spin bass rod

Shimano is another well-known and trusted fishing brand, and their Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod upholds their high quality standards. This spinning rod was made for bass fishing. It has aluminum oxide rod guides, a Shimano reel seat, a custom shaped cork handle, and a multipurpose hook keeper. The Shimano Stimula is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold for long days of fishing.

This fishing rod comes in two sizes and actions. The 5’6″ rod is ultra-light, for lighter tackle and finesse fishing. The 7′ rod is medium power, and is more versatile. For the standard bass fisherman, we recommend the 7′, but the ultra light rod is great for those looking to fish smaller lures and bass. Both rods have a fast action. The Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod comes with a one year limited warranty.

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Cadence Spinning Rod

cadence bass spinning rod

For an affordable but high quality bass spinning rod, try out the Cadence Spinning Rod. Cadence fishing rods are dependable, and come with a 3 year warranty and 90 day return policy. The Cadence Spinning Rod is made with 30-ton carbon fiber graphite blanks, for strength, durability, and sensitivity. The guides are made with stainless steel and a comfortable Fuji reel seat.

The Cadence Spinning Rod has super smooth casting power, and was designed to reduce friction. This rod comes in a range of sizes and actions. For bass fishing, we recommend the 7″ rod with fast action; there are various powers, so choose from medium to medium heavy depending on your target bass and environment. The Cadence Spinning Rod is an affordable and worthwhile rod for bass fishing.

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Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass

Many experienced anglers prefer the power and control of a baitcasting reel. Check out the best baitcasters for bass fishing, chosen based on factors like strength, material, control, and more.

These are the Best Bass Casting Rods for 2020


  1. St. Croix Legend Bass Casting Rod
  2. Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod
  3. Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rod
  4. Lew’s Tournament Performance Speed Stick Casting Rod
  5. Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier Casting Rod

St. Croix Legend Bass Casting Rod

st croix legend tournament bass casting rod

St. Croix claims to be the best rods on earth, and if they aren’t, they are very close. St. Croix has been paying very close attention to the latest in rod technology. This rod uses the latest graphite technology for its frame. It also has corrosion resistant hardware and a cork handle. All these things come together to form a more flexible, stronger, and more durable rod.

The American made rods from St. Croix are some of the smoothest casting rods around. They also have a great selection of rods to choose from. The rods are also durable considering they are made of graphite. The St. Croix Legend Bass Casting Rod comes in various tension strengths, so you can choose the best one for you.

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Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod

entsport camo legend bass casting rod

The Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod is a favorite among bass fishermen. It comes with two rod tips, so you essentially get two rods in one. One tip is medium power, the other medium heavy, so you can adjust your casting weight. The Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod is constructed out of 24-ton carbon fiber, so it is lightweight and sensitive, but incredibly strong.

This rod has an extreme exposure reel seat with corrosion resistant aluminum hoods. It has high density EVA handles, for comfort and control while fishing. The corrosion resistant guides are spaced for frictionless line flow. The Entsport Camo Legend Casting Rod is 7″ tall, with fast action and power perfect for catching bass. At around $40, this rod is extremely affordable without sacrificing quality.

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Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rod

abu garcia villain 2.0 bass casting rod

Abu Garcia is a trusted fishing brand, and their Villain 2.0 Casting Rod upholds their reputation for quality fishing gear. This rod has a V wrap carbon construction for increased strength and durability. The construction is 40-ton graphite, resulting in a lightweight, balanced design and increased sensitivity. A Fuji reel seat allows for greater comfort and quality.

Abu Garcia prides itself on the highest quality, innovative products, and the Villain 2.0 holds up. It is a favorite among bass anglers, durable but sensitive enough to detect a tentative bass bite. The Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rod has a fast action, and comes in a variety of sizes and powers. It ranges from 6’6″ to 7’6″, and medium to extra heavy in power.

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Lew’s Tournament Performance Speed Stick Casting Rod

The Lew's Tournament Performance Speed Stick bass Casting Rod

Lew’s is another great fishing brand, and the Lew’s Tournament Performance Speed Stick Casting Rod is a favorite among bass anglers. It is constructed from premium IM8 graphite blanks, so it is strong but sensitive. The Lew’s Tournament Performance Speed Stick Casting Rod features an American Tackle Microwave Guide system, which eliminates wind knots and improves casting distance and accuracy.

This rod features Blue Winn handles and professional style hook keepers. It comes with a one year warranty. The Lew’s Tournament Performance Speed Stick Casting Rod comes in a range of sizes, from 6’8″ to 7’3″. They are categorized by the best bass lure for each size, power, and action, making it easier for you to find the right size for you.

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Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier Casting Rod

abu garcia fantasista premium bass casting rod

Unlike their competitors who chose to make their rods out of graphite, the Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier Casting Rod is made of carbon fibers. Even though the graphite makes the rods more sensitive, which is very important for catching bass, the carbon fibers make this rod more durable than the rest.

This rod does not have the farthest cast, but it is extremely smooth. The rod can still reach great lengths with accuracy, however. This reasonably priced rod is strong and great to cast. If you can get over the shorter cast distance and the limited choice in models of this rod, it will definitely help you catch more bass.

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How to Choose a Bass Fishing Rod

When choosing the best bass fishing gear, there are many things to take into consideration. You should think about which bait or lure fishing technique you prefer. You should also keep in mind the action and power you want your rod to have. Bass can be quick and tricky, but if you have a rod that allows you to have the upper hand, you should be alright.

Spinning vs. Casting Rods

The first choice you’ll need to make is whether you want to use a spinning or casting rod. If you already have a bass fishing reel, be sure to choose the same style so that they work together. If you’re starting fresh, there are a few things to consider.

Spinning rods and reels are easier to learn how to use, so they are the preferred choice for beginners. Spinning gear is better for casting shorter distances and using lighter line. If you prefer finesse fishing, use a spinning rod. Spinning rod technology has come a long way, however, so there are strong options that can still cast long distances and reel in big fish.

Casting rods are the conventional rods, and they are often preferred by professionals. They are harder to learn how to use, so they are not recommended for beginners, but with time and patience they make great catches. Casting rods are known for longer casting, power fishing, and improved control.


The action of a rod refers to the rod’s ability to flex when pressure is applied. A rod’s action can range from extra fast to slow. When fishing for bass, you will only want to look at extra fast or fast rod action. Extra fast and fast rods have less bend in them. The lower the action, the more the rod will bend. The bend of a rod determines how the power is applied, hook set firmness, and rod sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the rod is very important. Bass are known for spitting out bait if they do not like it. If you have a sensitive rod, you have a better chance of reeling them in before they have a chance to spit it out and swim away. If the rod has more bend to it, it will create a greater struggle for you while you are trying to reel in the bass.


The power of a rod is how much pressure it takes to bend the rod. The power can range from ultra light to extra extra heavy. Unlike action, you have more variety to choose from when it comes to the power of the rod. Basically anything other than ultra light will work well for bass fishing. You must also know that the rods power is related to the overall purpose of the rod itself.

Choosing a rod based on power is a little more difficult. There are no rules about which is best. It is mostly determined by which line you plan on using. The lower the power of the rod, the lighter, more invisible line is best. This is best for clear, open water. Heavier power rods are best for thicker, heavier lines. The heavier rods are better for getting big fish from thick cover.

Keep in mind that the rod power takes a little more thought. You need to know how and where you fish for bass. Those are key factors in how you should make your decision.

Tight Line Fishing Rods

Tight line fishing is when you use buzzbaits, crankbaits, or spinnerbaits. In order to keep the line tight, these baits need to be retrieved quickly. If this is the bait fishing technique that you prefer to catch bass, than you need to make sure you have a soft tip rod. This will allow for the lure to move smoothly through the water. A moderate action rod would also be good for this technique. It will allow for maximum casting distance and let deep diving plugs keep their maximum depth.

Slack Line Fishing Rods

Slack line fishing uses jigs, dragging tubes, and plastic worms. Due to the unique nature of this bait fishing technique, it is best to have a fast action rod. A fast action rod tends to be more versatile which will allow you to do more with your bait. Stiff rod tips are also preferred in this technique because they allow for more pressure to be put on the rod. That makes it easier for retrieval if the lure gets stuck in underwater vegetation or lily pads.