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Best Ice Fishing Lines for Cold Weather Anglers

There is plenty of ice fishing gear you’ll need for a successful winter fishing trip, but one piece of gear you may want to look into are ice fishing lines and all the different brands.

Some line is made specifically for ice fishing, and some general fishing line just works better than others.

ice-hole and fishing tackle frozen fishing line

The cold temperatures of ice fishing can affect what line works best, and since ice fishing is less about casting and more about dropping lines, there are different elements to consider.

We’ve compiled the best line for ice fishing, so you don’t have to wonder which one is best.

These top-rated ice fishing lines were thoroughly researched and chosen specifically for ice fishing, so they’re sure to work well out on the ice.

Top 10 Ice Fishing Lines

  1. Celsius Tip Up Line
  2. Sufix Ice Braid 6 Lb Line
  3. Sufix Ice Magic, Neon Orange, 8 lb
  4. Sufix 832 Ice Fishing Braid
  5. Trilene Cold Weather Line
  6. Trilene Micro Ice Line
  7. Sufix Ice Magic, Clear, 4 lb
  8. P-Line FluoroIce Fishing Spool
  9. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line
  10. Berkley Fireline Micro Ice Fishing Line

Celsius Tip Up Line

My number one recommended brand of ice fishing line is Celsius Tip Up Line. This is the ultimate 15-pound braided line that I use when I’m out on the ice with my tip up rod.

The Celsius Tip Up Line will not freeze or kink and you get 50 yards of it. This is a must-have for any ice angler to keep in their tackle box.

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Sufix Ice Braid 6 Lb Line

Another one of my favorite braided ice fishing lines to use is the Sufix Braid 6-pound. I almost never have a problem with this line freezing over because it’s designed to resist ice build up.

You get 75 yards of super-strong ice fishing line that’s good enough even for the pros.

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Sufix Ice Magic, Neon Orange, 8 lb

Up next, I want to recommend the Sufix Ice Magic 8-pound in neon orange. The way this brand of ice fishing line is designed is with a special additive that helps prevent moisture absorption.

The Sufix Ice Magic also has a very fast sinking action to make your lure or bait more lifelike and convincing to help catch fish quicker.

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Sufix 832 Ice Fishing Braid

I really love to use the Sufix 832 Ice Fishing Braid whenever I’m fishing at night and the light is low. You’ll never have trouble finding your line when it’s this beautiful neon green color.

This ice fishing line is some of the strongest and thinnest on the market. The diameter is incredibly thin, so the fish will never spot it.

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Trilene Cold Weather Ice Fishing Line

Another great brand of ice fishing line that I would recommend is the Trilene Cold Weather Ice Fishing Line. This stuff is strong and reliable. I’ve never had it snap from rubbing up against the ice while fighting a fish.

No perch, walleye, bass, or crappie will be safe from any angler armed with Trilene Cold Weather Ice Fishing Line.

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Trilene Micro Ice Fishing Line

Trilene is always a trusted brand when it comes to ice fishing lines, and their Micro Ice Fishing Line is no exception.

What’s great about this line is that they’re calling it the limpest, smoothest version ever. It also won’t kink or knot because of its low-memory design.

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Sufix Ice Magic, Clear, 2 lb

For those of us that prefer the lightest pound test possible, this ice fishing line brand is for you. The Sufix Ice Magic in a clear color at 2 pound test is some of the most fun line to use to catch fish through the ice.

The fish will never spot this clear monofilament ice fishing line, and it’s even resistant to freezing.

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P-Line FluoroIce Fishing Spool

P-Line Floroice is the next ice fishing line that I want to suggest that you should try. This line is always reliable and hardly ever breaks on me when I’ve got a fish on.

It’s made from a combination of copolymer with a silicon fluorocarbon coating so even the coldest of conditions won’t affect it.

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KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

I am a huge fan of using braided line for ice fishing. It just feels stronger and I know it won’t stretch like mono line will. The only problem is that it frays sometimes.

You won’t have that problem with the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line. This line has some of the best abrasion resistance of any fishing line I’ve tried.

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Berkley Fireline Micro Ice Fishing Line

Lastly, one of the greatest brands of ice fishing lines, in my opinion, is Berkley, especially their Fireline Micro Ice series.

This ice fishing line is incredibly smooth and surprisingly strong. The translucent color of this line renders is almost invisible to fish, so you can keep catching the big ones.

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Tips for Purchasing

Looking to buy a fishing line for your next ice fishing trip? Here we take a look at the key things that you should take into consideration when purchasing an ice fishing line.

If you’re getting prepared for ice fishing this winter, don’t neglect to think about your line. You’ll certainly need to replace any old lines from last year, and you’ll also want to avoid using any standard lines.

Ice fishing is hard work, and the cold temperatures can be hard on your equipment. This means that you need an ice line that is easy to work with in cold temperatures, is strong and resistant, and offers the right sensitivity and memory.

Not sure what to buy? Our dedicated guide will get you on your way to finding the best and most suitable line for ice fishing this season.

Target Fish Species

Are you fishing for a particular species of fish? Different lines are suited to different types of fish.

  • Best Fishing Line for Crappie: The best types of fishing lines for crappie are monofilament and fluorocarbon. You could use braided, but they are much more visible than monofilament and fluorocarbon. Monofilament is strong and well-suited to crappie fishing in the spring, and fluorocarbon is best for winter because it has high levels of resistance.
  • Best Fishing Line for Walleye: The best type of fishing line for catching walleye depends on whether you are jigging or dead sticking. For jigging, you want a thin diameter line with low stretch – a heavy monofilament makes a great choice. For dead sticking, there are more options available, but a lighter monofilament will work perfectly well.


Aim to buy lines that are highly sensitive. Low stretch lines tend to offer higher levels of sensitivity. You’ll be more likely to feel each bite and, therefore, catch more fish. Sensitivity is not something that you should compromise on, or you might be left without a catch!

Ice Fishing Line FAQs

Why do I need a different line for ice fishing?

The cold weather and icy conditions demand a strong and durable line. Without proper consideration, a line could easily snap or fray if not designed for ice fishing.

You’ll want a line with a water resistant coating to stop it from freezing and becoming brittle. Secondly, standard fishing lines are often too slack for the deep water.

Can I use the same line for different types and weights of fish?

Fishing lines are all designed to successfully handle different weights of fish. If you use a 3lb line, for example, and catch a 6lb fish, it is likely to break the line. That’s why you should always buy the right line for each type of fishing. Make sure to check this before you purchase.

What does pound test mean?

This answer depends on the weight of fish you’re intending to catch. Each spool of line will be labeled with its pound test, which is a measurement of how much weight (in pounds) it can take before it will break.

What pound test for Walleye ice fishing?

Walleye are large fish, so they require strong fishing lines. You should look for a line with a minimum of 8-pound test. Also remember that walleye are spooked easily, so a thin diameter and low visibility is a must (without compromising on strength).

Final Thoughts

For ice fishing, you definitely shouldn’t compromise when it comes to getting the right type of line. Your main priority should be buying one that is braided, monofilament, fluorocarbon, or tip up.

Check the pound test to make sure it can handle the size of fish you are fishing for, and always look for strong, resistant lines with thin diameters.

Try our top picks for ice fishing line to make the most out of your ice fishing trip and come home with a great catch! Fishmasters has all the winter fishing gear you’ll need, from ice fishing sleds and ice hole covers to all the other fishing equipment you may need.