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Do Striped Bass Feed At Night? 

Fishing At Night

If you’re wondering when striped bass eat, what you probably really want to know is when they are most hungry and susceptible to being caught. If you want to improve your chances of catching striped bass, be prepared to either get up early or stay out late.  Striped bass actively feed at night and it is a great time to go fishing for them.


Striped Bass Feeding Schedule 

Striped bass are not picky eaters! Nor do they stop eating throughout the day, though stripers will briefly minimize feeding while they spawn. 


Striped bass will eat as feeding opportunities arise, though some factors, including water temperature and amount of sunlight, will determine how actively they feed.


Water Temperature 


Striped bass are most active when the water temperature is between 57-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Striped bass don’t actively feed when the water is cold. They are also more lethargic when the water gets too warm and may retreat to cooler depths. 

It is not uncommon for striped bass to feed at night, as long as the water temperature is warm enough. In fact, striped bass feed most actively during dawn and dusk, particularly in warm waters. 


Time of Day 


Striped bass don’t have eyelids, so they retreat to deeper water when the sun comes up. As a result, striped bass are much easier to catch after the sun goes down or before it comes up since they are more likely to be active and feeding closer to the water’s surface during these times of the day.


Additionally, food choices are more limited at night, so they are more likely to take the bait during these times. Anglers report some of their biggest catches after sunset. 


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