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Fishing Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia


About Blue Lake Ridge

The beautiful Blue Ridge Lake is surrounded by nature and offers plenty of things to do outdoors. This Georgia lake is in the middle of a national forest and visitors can enjoy not only fishing but swimming, a marina, camping, and more. The lake itself has an area of 5.156 square miles and a maximum depth of 246 feet.


Part of the area around Lake Blue Ridge is called the “day-use area” which has a free boat ramp and a beautiful view of the lake. Walking or biking in the area is encouraged as well. There is also a recreation area where the beach of the lake is located. This area boasts kayak and paddleboard rentals as well as restrooms and showers. 


Fishing Info

holding a smallmouth bass

Fish that can be found in the lake include smallmouth bass, white bass, walleye, and bluegill. Some people have even caught yellow perch or rainbow trout in the lake as well. However, the first four fish are usually what most visitors are after when fishing in Blue Ridge Lake.


The area also includes Lake Blue Ridge Dam, which not only offers a viewing area above but serves as an excellent launching point for trout fishing.


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Lake Blue Ridge Marina

335 Marina Dr, Blue Ridge, GA 30513





Blue Ridge Lake Fishing Photos

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Lake Blue Ridge

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