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Malibu Fish’n’ Tackle, located in Thousand Oaks, CA, specializes in high quality West Coast-style fishing equipment for both salt and freshwater. We stock top quality equipment from names like: Simms – Sage – Redington – Galvin – Orvis – Shimano – AVET – Calstar. Stock up for bass, trout, rockfish, white seabass and yellowtail!
Shimano’s Calcutta D Makes Powerful Debut

We’re proud to carry Shimano’s top products. Check out this footage of field testers putting the new Calcutta D through its paces.
Let’s Keep America Fishing!

Malibu Fish’n Tackle Urges You To Keep America Fishing!

We believe in fishing! We believe in the right to sustainably fish on our nation’s waterways. Lend your voice to the Keep America Fishing movement with a FISH! sticker today!

At Malibu Fish’n Tackle we offer an outstanding selection of the best tackle that reflects the many angling opportunities within easy reach of our Thousand Oaks location. In close proximity to communities perched on lakes bursting with bass, we are also just a short drive away from several of Southern California’s best public fishing lakes featuring trophy bass, panfish, catfish, striped bass and rainbow trout.

Also nearby are blue ribbon fly fishing streams. Just over the hill are the incredible opportunities offered by the Pacific Ocean, with everything from surf fishing to overnight charters to the Channel Islands on tap. The riches of the High Sierra are found to the north and to the south San Diego’s sportfishing fleet awaits to take anglers to the wonders of the waters of Baja.

Our hand-picked array of tackle also reflects the expertise of our owner Wayne Caywood and his knowledgeable staff. Wayne started fishing the local saltwater when a youngster starting out learning the basics on the many fishing piers, got a job working on one of the fishing barges, moved up to deckhand on a sportboat, earned a skipper’s license and began running boats. Running crews out to the oil rigs was another step that offered good pay and plenty of time off to pursue commercial fishing and Wayne’s true passion – being the person with the rod and reel in their own hands.

Along the way Wayne became an expert fly fisherman on both fresh and saltwater and an accomplished long range angler (in 2010 he scored his biggest yellowfin tuna, a 308 pounder caught on the Apollo). Taking advantage of his commercial fishing knowledge, Caywood and Mark Ridgway founded Malibu Seafood in 1972. That’s where Wayne met his wife and avid angler, Linda.

A vast selection of the best lures for both fresh and saltwater is on tap!Since Wayne would still rather be fishing, he has made sure that Malibu Fish’n Tackle has a great staff, including Jimmie Toy, Dan Harnes and Steve Corby, all experienced fishermen with a wide variety of angling skills and knowledge.

Anything you need for fly fishing, from waders to fly tying materials, we have it!

The hottest soft baits, umbrella rigs, cranks, topwaters and swimbaits that whack the local bass are all here at Malibu Fish’n Tackle.

Hooks, jigs, reels, rods, sinkers, bait – everything you need to connect with white seabass, halibut, tuna, yellowtail, rockfish and calico bass is here.

Surf fishing your favorite way to get in some quick fishing time? We have what you need.

Do you fish the local lakes for trout and head up to the Eastern Sierra for the opener and summer fun? We at fishmasters have the latest info on baits and lures to get you hooked up. We’re ready to help you get bit!