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Our Top Picks for Trout Lures This Spring

Trout might not be the smartest fish, but they are not far off. Catching them year-round takes knowledge, savvy, and the right lures. Landing trout in spring requires persistence and caution, and the right lures. 

two trout in a net caught during the spring on lures

In spring, trout are hungry and preparing for summer and are very cautious. A trout is naturally careful and always checks out potential food before jumping on it. 

Getting a lure that trout will go after is one thing. Presenting it in a way that entices them to strike is the next step. 

While there are no “sure thing” lures where trout are concerned, there are lures that can give you a better chance to catch a trout than others.

a trout being caught on a lure

Here are some of the best trout lures for spring to add to your arsenal to give yourself the best chance possible. 

9 Best Spring Trout Lures

  1. Leland Lures Trout Magnet
  2. Acme Phoebe
  3. Blue Fox Vibrax
  4. Marabou Jig
  5. Mepps Comet Mino
  6. Panther Martin Holograph Trout
  7. Rapala Original Floater
  8. Trout Bead
  9. Wooly Bugger

Leland Lures Trout Magnet

The great thing about the Leland Lures Trout Magnet Neon Kit is that it works exceptionally well on trout and drives other species of fish crazy.

Seventy grubs are in the kit, along with 15 size 8 jig heats. What separates the grubs and jigs in this kit is how the lure falls. It drops horizontally rather than vertically like most jig heads.

That allows for a realistic presentation that will not spook trout. This kit is so effective that Field & Stream named it one of the Top Lures of All Time.

Acme Phoebe Spinning Lure

The Acme Phoebe Spinning Lure is another “all-species” lure that will work on bass, pike, walleye, and pickerel and drive trout crazy.

This spinning lure comes in 8 colors and weighs ¼ ounce. There are multiple ways to fish it, depending on the body of water you are fishing. 

The drop-flutter-drop-flutter method works great in lakes and ponds, while staggard retrieval is the best river approach.

The action of the lure resembles a spoon with a tight spinning pattern. For trout, copper, silver, and gold work well, but realistically, any colors will work. 

Blue Fox Vibrax

There are some trout lures you think will work. There are other lures you know if the trout are feeding, they will go after it. The Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Plated ¼ ounce lure is a member of the latter category. 

This Blue Fox has a free-turning brass gear inside the lure that reduces line twist and vibration.

The body is brass, and the blade is silver or copper plated. Bring the lure in quickly, drag it out, jig it off the bottom or use a drop-and-flutter method.

It does not matter. If the trout are biting, they will go after this lure.

Marabou Jig

Marabou jigs are simple, little more than a feather tied to a jig head, and one of the best trout lures for spring.

In terms of effectiveness on trout, a Marabou jig holds its own with the best. This version comes in 1/8 of an ounce on a number one hook. Its color is white.

The jig works best when lifted off the bottom and dropped down to the bottom. It can also be steadily retrieved or brought in erratically in a stop-and-go pattern.

Regardless, trout love jigs if presented properly, letting the jig’s feathers do their magic by slowing down. 

Mepps Comet Mino

Another legendary trout lure, the Comet Minnow, works in just about any body of water. It mimics a shad and gives off just enough flash to be convincing.

Retrieve it at virtually any speed. As long as the blade is turning, any fish around will notice. It works especially well with rainbow and brook trout.

The minnow comes in multiple colors and hook sizes. For trout, a 1/6 ounce weight works best.

The blade comes in gold or silver. The minnow is a durable plastic colored to match specific types of bait.

Panther Martin Holograph Trout

Another legend among trout anglers, the Panther Martin Holograph Trout spinner, is synonymous with “catching trout.”

While it works best in rivers or streams, it can be as effective in fishing coves, small ponds, and smaller lake coves.

The body on the Holograph Trout lure comes in multiple colors. The classic color is a black body with yellow dots up its side, but virtually any color Panther Martin will attract trout.

The lure is available in multiple sizes, although 1/6 of an ounce gives just enough heft to get noticed in all but large rivers, ponds, or lakes.

Rapala Original Floater

Rapala is another name that most anglers associate with landing trout. The original Floater was introduced in 1936 and has been responsible for countless trout, bass, pike, walleye, you name it, being caught by experienced angler and novice alike. 

Made of Balsa wood and 1.5 inches long, the Floater is available in classic bleeding patterns.

The hooks are VMC black nickel, number 5 size. Its profile is the classic, natural minnow and its retrieval pattern is a wobble.

As with all Rapalas, the Floater is hand-tuned and tank-tested before being sent out to retailers. 

Trout Bead

Trout Beads work on trout or salmon and any other freshwater fish in the vicinity. Their purpose is to imitate fish eggs or a spawn sack. When used with a fly rod, drifting or floating, trout beads can be deadly.

You can get Trout beads in multiple colors, although almost all colors are some variation of red or pink.

Run your hook through them as a single presentation or in multiple forms and let the natural action of the eggs work their magic.

You can fish these effectively wherever there is little or no current.

Wooly Bugger

Wooly Buggers are fly streamers that have been used for about as long as people have been fly fishing for trout.

Depending on your color, they resemble everything from damselflies to yellow jacket hornets.

The most effective method of fishing them is to land your cast and let the current pull them along.

As mentioned, this kit comes in various colors and six pieces total. The hook size is 8. Each fly has a multi-colored streamer nestled in with the dominant color on the back end of the fly.

Wooly Buggers are great for trout, salmon, and even bass and sunfish.

Final Thoughts

Your arsenal of fishing lures can be the difference between catching and casting. Any of these lures, or all of them, compliment a tackle box and all but guarantee if the trout are hungry, you will be catching them, especially if you grab a new rod to go with the lures!

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