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uv fishing shirts

Get UV Protection with these Fishing Shirts

Before you go fishing, it can be helpful to consult a checklist to ensure that you have all the gear you’ll need to go out on the water. One item that may not be on that list is a fishing shirt. While you can...

bug repellent clothing

Insect Repellent Clothing for Fishing

You’re enjoying a long day of fishing out on the water when – ouch! A bug bite.  No one likes getting bitten by bugs, and some mosquito and tick bites can be dangerous to your health. Some of the best fishing...

chest waders

Best Chest Waders for Fishing

In the past, waders were stiff, uncomfortable, and could put a damper on a day of fishing. Today, however, fishing waders have become advanced in terms of quality, breathability, mobility, and more. Chest waders for...

fishing vests

Best Fishing Vests

Fishing vests are a classic piece of fishing apparel that many anglers choose to wear. Wearing a vest makes it easy to keep gear on-hand and makes it easier to find what you need while fishing. Fishing vests can make...

best fishing shoes and boots

Best Fishing Boots and Shoes 

If you’re going fishing, you’re probably going to get wet. Whether you’re fishing from a boat, the side of a lake or river, shoreline, or a pier, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stay totally dry.  Your feet are...

fishing gloves

Best Fishing Gloves

Ready to head out for your next fishing trip? Before you leave, grab a pair of fishing gloves for extra protection and grip. We’ve rounded up some of the top-rated fishing gloves. No matter your price range, there’s a...