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two inflatable kayaks on shore

Best Inflatable Kayaks for Fishing

There’s nothing more frustrating than being out on the water all day long, but not catching a single fish. When fishing from the shore, it can sometimes be difficult to get a bite, especially if you don’t have the right...

two seniors carrying a kayak

The Best Way to Carry a Kayak

It’s finally the summer season, and you have some time to go adventuring with your kayak. So you load up the car, get your gear ready, and head out. But how do you get your kayak from the car to the water? You’re going...

kayaks lined up on the beach shoreline

How Long Are Kayaks?

If you are considering starting up a hobby of kayaking, one of the things that you may start to ask yourself is, ‘How long even are Kayaks?’ Because as soon as you have bought your first kayak, you will need to get it...

person paddling a kayak

The Average Speed of a Kayak

A kayak is not only good for a bit of summer fun, but it’s also an amazing way to travel on water (whether it’s rivers or the sea), and it helps you get around pretty fast. Plus, it can also be quite a fitness workout...

two older people kayaking

Getting Out of a Kayak With Bad Knees

Getting out of a kayak can be a task for those who are in a healthy physical state but for individuals with bad knees, it becomes much more challenging. For some, their bad knees may be triggered by stiffness after...

people in a tandem kayak

What are Tandem Kayaks?

You might have seen them while paddling about by yourself, or while desperately trying to keep an eye on your partner who’s floating away. Two people in one boat zipping through the water at speed or taking a slow glide...