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How Long Are Kayaks?

If you are considering starting up a hobby of kayaking, one of the things that you may start to ask yourself is, ‘How long even are Kayaks?’ Because as soon as you have bought your first kayak, you will need to get it back home.

kayaks lined up on the beach shoreline

And while it is important to know what length kayak you can buy, you should also keep in mind what you should buy.

Of course, you also need to consider if you can store it at your home and even get it to your home in the first place. The most common length of any recreational kayak is around 10ft long.

Most are less than 12 feet long, while touring kayaks tend to be 12-16ft long. Meanwhile, sea and ocean kayaks can reach 23ft in length. Then there are the babies, the white water kayaks which are usually less than 8ft long. 

red and yellow kayaks in storage

So, as you can see there are many factors that will influence what size kayak you should buy. And when thinking about kayak length, there is a lot of information to take in, and that is why we are here.

To make sure that you get all the information that you need, so you can buy the right sized kayak for you.

Kayak Lengths

To give you a good idea of the average kayak lengths, per use. We will give you a guide that can help you visualize how big each different type of kayak is.

SizeType of KayakSpecific Kayak in this category
6ft 10inchesWhite Water KayakJackson Kayak Mix Master Whitewater Kayak
7ft 10 inchesYouth Recreational KayakField and Stream Blade 80 Kayak.
9ft 6inchesSit-in Recreational Kayak.Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak.
12ft Sit-on-Top Tandem Kayak.Lifetime Emotion Spitfire™ 12T Kayak.
14ft 2inchesFishing Tandem Kayak.Feelfree Lure II Tandem Kayak.
17ft 4inchesOcean Surf KayakOld Town LOOKSHA 17 Kayak

How long is a standard Kayak?

So, what is the length of a standard kayak? Well, a typical standard recreational kayak will average at about 10 feet in length.

kayaks lined up on a beach

A recreational sit -in or sit-on-top kayak is where many people will start from in their kayaking adventures. A 10-foot kayak is enough to paddle smoothly, it will track pretty straight, and it is short enough to easily be maneuvered.

Although it is not strictly the rule for 10ft, a 9ft5, of a 11ft kayak will be just as a good for you, It is just that a 10-foot kayak is more applicable to more people.

As more people are able to carry this size over their head, they will be able to fit it over the roof of most small cars.

kayaks stored on a wall

A 10ft is also easier to put in a 8ft bed pick-up truck with the tailgate either up or down.

When it is time to store this kayak it is generally pretty easy to store in a standard garage too. It is not too big, it is not too small. It is just right. You should definitely check out this size kayak if you’re in the market.

How long is a Tandem Kayak?

A tandem kayak tends to measure between 12 and 13 feet long. Two- person recreational kayak lengths tend to vary from 10 to 14 feet in length, however between 12 and 13 feet in length seems to be the sweet spot.

two tandem kayaks

Despite how tandems do need to be longer than solo kayaks, so they can fit in that extra person, you can still get yourself a tandem kayak that is available in, and around that 10ft average length scale.

A 12ft tandem kayak is plenty enough to accommodate 2 people comfortably while maintaining a reasonable weight that is easy enough to transport.

How long is a Sea Kayak?

What about sea kayaks? A sea kayak will average at about 15ft for a solo ocean touring kayak, some can even be shorter than these.

older man kayaking alone

However, and entry-level sea kayak will often start at around 14ft, with the more advanced ones going up to the 19ft range. You can also get tandem sea kayaks which tend to average at 1 to 2ft longer than a solo kayak.

Ocean and sea kayaking it’s a totally different and unique experience, If you’re going out and away from the shore where you are in the waves, harsher weather and wildlife, you will require quality, stability and seaworthiness, which is not needed so much in lakes or rivers.

person paddling a red kayak

Ocean kayaks also tend to be longer, and this tends to make them faster, track straighter, and cut through the water better than their shorter counterparts.

This is because a longer kayak can be narrower and still provide the same amounts of buoyancy as a shorter but wider kayak.

How long is a Fishing Kayak?

It is a simple fact that kayak fishing has become one of the fasted growing segments of kayaking.

happy man kayak fishing in walker county al

Any kayak fisherman loves their kayak, regardless of the size of their kayak. A fishing kayak tends to be about 13ft long, they can in some cases be as short as 10ft in length, but some can also be as long as 16ft.

There is a vast variety of kayak sizes for fishing, technically as long as a kayak can be fished from, then it can be classed as a ‘fishing kayak’.

However, there are also specialized features that make a kayak specifically suited to fishing.

How long is a Pelican Kayak?

Pelican kayaks are one of the most popular and most searched-for kayak brands on the web. They’re ideal for beginners and are available in plenty of sizes, which make them super popular.

person paddling a pelican kayak

When asking how long are pelican kayaks, there is no real straight answer, because they do have a whole plethora of sizes, but they’re actually known as the ‘10ft kayak company’.

Of course, they do have choices in sizes 8, 12, 13, and 14 feet. But the vast majority of kayaks they have are 10ft in length.

There are multiple sizes of kayaks available for sale. Make sure that you choose the right one for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to kayaks, size does matter. Hopefully, this guide will have explained all the differences between the various available kayak sizes on the market and their general purposes.

You don’t have to break the bank when shopping for a kayak either. Be sure to check out these awesome kayak deals!

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