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yellow perch caught while fishing

Can You Eat Perch?

Since perch are fairly small fish and can be difficult to clean, many people don’t take the time to eat perch. However, if this is your philosophy, you’re missing out. Perch is not only a tasty dish, but...

man holding a perch caught with a fishing rod

The 5 Best Perch Fishing Lures

When you’re fishing, it’s important to have the right lure for the right fish. While many lures can be used for multiple types of fish, some lures work better in certain situations than others.  Fishing for perch...

ice fishing perch

Ice Fishing for Perch: Tips and Tricks

This popular game fish can be caught throughout the year, but perch are a common ice fishing target. Perch are considered one of the easiest and most fun fish to catch from under thick ice sheets. Learn how to best...