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The Greatest Arrows to Use for Bowfishing: A Complete Guide

While most people think of hunting out in the wild when you mention archery, you can also use bows and arrows to go fishing. Bowfishing is a unique sport that’s exciting and rapidly growing.

anglers walking with a fish caught on a bow and arrow

Though they all serve the same purpose, the best arrows for bowfishing are sharp, made from durable material, and preferably expand after penetration.

Which one suits you perfectly comes down to personal preference. 

an angler bowfishing from a boat

We’ve selected the best bowfishing arrows on the market, which all have individual features that make them top competitors for anglers. 

Top 8 Bowfishing Arrows 

  1. TRUGLO TG140B1G Bowfishing Arrow
  2. AMS A203 Fluorescent Fiberglass Arrows
  3. Cajun Bowfishing Four-Barbed Stinger Point Arrow
  4. AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow
  5. AMS Bowfishing Ankor QT Arrows
  6. Muzzy Classic Chartreuse Bowfishing Arrow
  7. Safari Choice Three Bowfishing Arrows
  8. Fin-Finder Raider Pro Arrow

TRUGLO TG140B1G Bowfishing Arrow

The TRUGLO bowfishing arrow lives up to its name with an ultra-bright body that allows you to go fishing even at nighttime or in dim conditions.

The head of the arrow is super sharp and made from stainless steel, so you won’t have issues with penetrating the fish once you launch. 

The nock is ultra-slim so that you can lock your arrow into place on the string, and you get precision at its finest compared to some of the other arrows on the market. They’re also easy to load into the bow and deploy. 

These TRUGLO arrows have a safety slide to prevent the arrow from becoming tangled.

You’re assured of easy maneuverability and functionality in a lightweight package with these reliable arrows chosen by top bowfish competitors.


  • Easily retrievable
  • Durable
  • Sharp
  • Affordable


  • It takes longer to clean because it attracts dirt easily
  • Could have better holding power

AMS A203 Fluorescent Fiberglass Arrows

The AMS A203 bows are also fluorescent, so they’re bright and easy to see when fishing at night or in deep waters. Even eight to ten feet deep, you’ll have high visibility of where your bow has landed. 

These arrows also have hardened barbs that work perfectly for high holding power. This feature is helpful when trying to retrieve your fish from the water so that you’re not struggling if it fights.

The short length has narrow barbs that can pivot to the side to keep the catch in place, and you can loosen the tip. 

You don’t have to worry about accidentally deploying your arrow because the safety slide holds it in place after loading.

The AMS A203 is durable, easy to launch, and keeps the fish in place at a reasonably affordable price. 


  • Tough barbs to hold the fish
  • Highly visible
  • Loads easily
  • Vibration dampening tip


  • Sometimes the arrow slips off of the string

Cajun Bowfishing Four- Barb Stinger Point Arrow

As an extension of the Bear brand, Cajun Bowfishing is a reputable manufacturer known for making one of the best bowfishing arrows to catch game fish like catfish and carp. 

This excellent arrow has a stinger point, is made from fiberglass and carbon fiber, is stiff, is durable, and gets the job done.

The Wasp is simply a fantastic arrow when equipped with the Stinger point. The arrow is rigid enough to transfer power for heavier draw weight, and in case you shoot a bow with over 50 lbs of pull, this is the most reliable arrow. 

The four-barb stinger ensures that your catch won’t get away, and you only need to twist the barbs for them to loosen.

The sturdy nock allows you to break your arrow free with no hassle. There’s also a safety slide to offer even more overall precision. 


  • The tip is extremely sharp
  • The four barbs hold the fish in place securely 
  • Perfect for draw weights higher than 50
  • It has a safety slide


  • Not great for fish that are harder to penetrate

AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow

AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow is a company that makes dependable fishing gear. The Chaos FX point arrows are renowned for their quality.

They’re made from a robust stainless steelhead. What’s more, they have greater staying power due to the two hardened barbs.

And to release the steel barbs, you do so by loosening the tip without having to remove the head entirely.

The arrow is specially designed with a shaft made from solid fiberglass—the apparatus used to power the tip enables even low draw weight bows to impale the target the two inches necessary to activate the barbs. 

Once the arrows have penetrated the target, they hold exceptionally; no amount of twisting, rolling, or fighting will dislodge them.

Catching 50-pound fish and heavier is no problem for the durable Chaos FX.


  • Great nook design
  • Features fluorescent fiberglass shaft
  • Highly rated and a best seller
  • Installed is an even glide safety slide


  • A little light for larger fish and deeper shots 

AMS Bowfishing Ankor QT Arrows

The AMS Bowfishing Ankor QT Arrows is a powerful bow mostly because the arrow and the arrow head are heavier than a typical design.

The arrow comes with an ultra-hardened QT point that penetrates targets deeply beneath the surface for added strength.

Additionally, the arrow’s performance is enhanced even more by the three folding Ankor barbs, which conveniently stay locked into place until needed.

Once released, however, the three barbs will lock firmly into the fish, and retracting the barbs is easy as well—just twist the arrow’s shaft to do so.

The nock is perfect because it’s not too loose or too tight—and they’re very durable and don’t move at all to boot. 


  • Great nock design
  • The tip penetrates deeply
  • Each arrow comes with a safety slide
  • Barbs hold well as retract conveniently
  • Easy release mechanism


  • Not suitable for deep water use

Muzzy Classic Chartreuse Bowfishing Arrow

The Muzzy Classic Chartreuse Bowfishing Arrow is a proven brand with decades of experience in bow hunting, and now they use their vast knowledge in the sphere of bowfishing. 

These arrows are made from fiberglass, and they come with your choice of gar or carp point.

You also get to choose between standard or two or three-barb retractable heads for each arrow. The safety slides are optional. However, we recommend that you get them anyway.

These arrows are as durable as they come, and they can penetrate and snag big aggressive fish.

However, for the biggest and most aggressive fish, the three-barb head would be ideal for such a situation. Releasing the arrowhead is a simple ad twisting the shaft or the head of the arrow.


  • Easy release mechanism
  • Made with sharp tips that penetrate deep
  • It has an optional safety slide
  • Barbs are strong and hold well
  • Nock has a sturdy design


  • Not useful in deep water

Safari Choice Three Bowfishing Arrows

The Safari Choice Three Bowfishing Arrows is one of the most used arrowheads in the industry.

These arrows are well equipped to capture big fish and perform instant-kill shots. The arrow penetrates the fish’s flesh, and the barbs hook inside the flesh.

Thanks to the barbs, no matter how much of a fight the fish puts up, the barbs will stay firmly in place until the catch is secured.

The arrow has a slender build, and it’s very lightweight, allowing you to shoot the arrow with tremendous accuracy.

This arrow is very tough and able to handle the roughest of tasks when it comes to durability.

You don’t have to worry about your bow breaking while trying to wrangle in a good catch. The entire set comes with three fishing arrows—giving you a few spares if you lose one.


  • The shaft construction allows it to travel the straightest path
  • You can use it to kill large fish instantly
  • Built with a have duty body to last for years
  • Lightweight, so it’s an easy maneuver


  • The rubber stop located on the back is prone to fall off.

Fin-Finder Raider Pro Arrow

The Fin-Finder Raider Pro Arrow has three barbs, stainless steel construction, and grapple-style points, and a powerful arrow. This arrow is built to penetrate—latch on and hold a large and aggressive fish. 

The three barbs have a robust construction to withstand a beating. No amount of thrashing and fighting will get this arrow to dislodge.

Additionally, the quality with which the company has built the arrow gives the arrow incredible durability. So you don’t have to worry about your arrow breaking whatsoever.

Finally, the arrow is tested rigorously for its ability to travel a straight path, it is made from fiberglass, which gives it even more durability. When you fire this arrow, it is sure to pack a punch!


  • It has an inline nock system
  • It has high visibility because of its orange color
  • It has a hydro-lock O-ring on every point


  • A bit expensive for a shaft made of fiberglass

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best bowfishing arrows, we believe we’ve set you up for success. All of these arrows are durable and easy to maneuver.

One of the most essential aspects of bowfishing is accuracy. All of the arrows on the list are not only accurate, but they’re sharp and easy to retrieve. 

The better the arrow, the better chance you give yourself to catch a trophy fish, but a quality bow is just as important if you ask us!

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