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Best Fishing Piers in Virginia: The Ultimate Spots to Fish

Virginia fishing piers are somewhat magical places. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and old American history, what could be better than spending a day on a fishing pier in Virginia? Few things rival the exhilarating experience. 

the virginia beach fishing pier sign

Fishing piers in Virginia offer some of the best fishing in the country. Anglers can find both freshwater and saltwater options, and they can fish every day of the year if so desired.

With a diverse fish population, anglers of all kinds can always get their hooks into something interesting. 

Looking for a great Virginia fishing pier is as easy as checking out the list below. All that’s left to do is pick the one that sounds best.

The next fishing trip will be a breeze to plan with these excellent choices.

Top 13 Virginia Fishing Piers

  1. Virginia Beach Fishing Pier
  2. Gloucester Point Park Fishing Pier
  3. Sandbridge Fishing Bridge
  4. James River Fishing Pier
  5. Yorktown Fishing Pier
  6. Ocean View Fishing Pier
  7. Tom’s Cove Park
  8. Westmoreland State Park Fishing Pier
  9. James T. Wilson Pier
  10. Glebe Point Fishing Pier
  11. Glass Island Landing Fishing Pier
  12. Saxis Fishing Pier
  13. Chincoteague Island Fishing Pier

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

For only $10, an adult can enjoy a day of great fishing at Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. And anyone under 12 can come for only $5.

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

For such a great price, it’s no wonder that this pier is such a popular destination for anglers from all over the country.

Locals and tourists alike have a great time enjoying the fishing at Virginia Beach. Anglers can find a great selection of fish, like pompano, minor blues, flounder, and rays. And the best part is that no fishing license is required. 

Hours vary depending on the season, but the pier is usually open from six in the morning until midnight.

As long as the weather is good, the fishing pier is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day.

Gloucester Point Park Fishing Pier

Located in Gloucester, Virginia, the Gloucester Point Park Fishing Pier is a great place to enjoy a day of fishing and site-seeing.

Gloucester Point Park Fishing Pier

No matter the reason for visiting Gloucester, a stop by the fishing pier is critical. 

Next door, anglers can see the Virginia Institute of Marine Science campus. And right across the river, historic Yorktown is easily accessible as well.

So a day of fishing might wrap up with some exploration and site seeing.

At Gloucester Point, no fishing license is required to fish from the pier. The most popular catches from the pier include croaker, spot, flounder, striped bass, and gray trout. 

Sandbridge Fishing Bridge

The Sandbridge Fishing Bridge on Little Island arose from a cooperative project with Virginia Beach in 2006. The bridge is a great place to find saltwater catches.

Sandbridge Fishing Bridge

Not only is this a great fishing location, but it’s a great place to spend the day. With nearby parks, picnic tables, and restrooms, anglers have everything they need for a day out and about.

The bridge is open between 5:30 AM and 9:00 PM from mid-April to October. Beginning on November 1, the bridge opens at 7:00 AM and closes at various times depending on the weather. 

To fish on the pier, visitors pay a $10 fee. Depending on how long the fishing trip extends, they can also buy a $35 price for a weekly pass.  

James River Fishing Pier

Located in the famous Newport News along the James River, a great fishing pier offers some of the best spaces on the East Coast. 

James River Fishing Pier

Anglers will be more than pleased to find a stunning selection of fish in the James River, including spot, striped bass, flounder, trout, kingfish, channel catfish, blue crabs, and so much more. 

There is a $9 fee for fishing on the James River Fishing Pier for adults. Hours vary depending on the season and the day of the week.

Summer hours run 8:00 AM through 11:00 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, and then for 24 hours, starting at 8:00 AM on Wednesday and ending at 11:00 PM on Sundays. 

Yorktown Fishing Pier

Yorktown is known for its remarkable history and its fantastic view. It’s also known for the Yorktown Fishing Pier, an excellent place for anglers to enjoy some great casting. 

Yorktown Fishing Pier

There are all kinds of exciting fish and sea creatures to catch at the pier, but by far, the coolest is the Chesapeake Bay blue crab which is a great bait to use for catching cod.

The pier is open all year long and is entirely free to public anglers. And if fishing isn’t on the itinerary for the day, the Yorktown Fishing Pier is still a great place to stop and take in the scenery.

Great amenities at the pier include free parking and a pet-friendly environment. 

Ocean View Fishing Pier

In Norfolk, Virginia, anglers can find one of the best fishing piers in the entire state. The Ocean View Fishing Pier is open every day if the weather is good. 

Ocean View Fishing Pier

There’s a bar and restaurant nearby so that visitors can grab a quick meal and enjoy a nice brew in between bites.

The Ocean View Fishing Pier also contains a bait house and plenty of facilities so that anglers can spend all day at the pier if they want to.

It’s always a good time at Ocean View. Anglers might just have the best day of their lives in Norfolk between the views and the sleek bites. 

Tom’s Cove Park

Located on the famous Chincoteague Island, Tom’s Cove Park is an excellent place for camping, boating, hiking, swimming, and fishing. 

Tom’s Cove Park

Taking the family out for a weekend away will provide anglers with excellent fishing opportunities at Tom’s Cove while the kids play in the great outdoors.

The island is open from March 1 through November 30. Reservations and a small fee are required, but the fishing makes it all worthwhile. 

Some of the best fishing in Virginia can be found at Tom’s Cove Park. The fishing and crabbing piers offer an excellent environment for a good time.

Westmoreland State Park Fishing Pier

Located in Montross, Virginia, anglers from all over the state can find solace and satisfaction at Westmoreland State Park Fishing Pier.

Westmoreland State Park Fishing Pier

The pier is a great place to unwind, catch some fish, and even make new friends. 

Park of a beautiful state park, this fishing pier is close to plenty of facilities and offers a great place to catch white perch, striped bass, and so much more.

There is a $7 fee on the weekdays and a $10 fee on the weekends. Anglers have access to the whole park, not just the pier. 

Fishing in the Potomac River has never been so fun.

James T. Wilson Pier

The James T. Wilson Fishing Pier is the perfect place to take the rod and reel and tackle box for all the fishermen out there who like to spend time in Hampton, Virginia.

James T. Wilson Pier

Open 24 hours a day, the pier is just down the street from a great park. There are fish cleaning stations nearby and a bait and tackle shop for all the fishing needs. 

For a small fee of $8 for adults and $6 for children, anglers can make a spot that’s all their own on the pier. 

Equipment is available for rent if anyone forgets their gear, and children are more than welcome to participate in the fishing frenzy.   

Glebe Point Fishing Pier

Located on the Great Wicomico River, the Glebe Point Fishing Pier is one of the best public piers in the state of Virginia. 

Glebe Point Fishing Pier

Nearby picnic tables make this an excellent spot for an afternoon out. It’s a great place to catch sea trout, striped bass, and other exciting species that are great to take home for dinner.

There’s no fee necessary at Glebe Point, but a saltwater fishing license is needed. 

Glass Island Landing Fishing Pier

On the Mattaponi River, Glass Island Landing Fishing Pier is located close to West Point, Virginia. There’s great fishing, great picnicking, and great boating.

Glass Island Landing Fishing Pier

The pier is a great place to catch white perch, striped bass, herring, and so much more. There’s no shortage of interesting fish swimming just under the river’s surface.

Fishing is free at Glass Island Landing, and there’s plenty of room on the pier to make sure every angler has enough space.

Saxis Fishing Pier

One of the best free fishing piers in Virginia is the Saxis Fishing Pier. All anglers need is the right equipment and a saltwater fishing license. 

Saxis Fishing Pier

There’s an annual fishing tournament for children held at Saxis, and it’s one of the more popular tourist attractions in Accomack County.

The pier is open and lit 24 hours a day. 

Chincoteague Island Fishing Pier

The Chincoteague Island Fishing Pier is not the only fishing pier on Chincoteague Island, but it is one of the best. 

Chincoteague Island Fishing Pier

The pier is one of the best places to catch grab, as well as a wide selection of fish like trout, black sea bass, sand perch, northern puffer, and maybe even sharks. 

It’s one of the most popular fishing piers in the area and has a great historical background for those anglers who have an interest in the past. 

The pier lights up at night to attract an even wider array of interesting fish for all the night owl anglers out there.

Final Thoughts

Virginia is home to an excellent selection of fishing piers where anglers from all over the country can come and enjoy a diverse selection of species in some of the finest waters in the area. 

Enjoying a day at a Virginia fishing pier is probably one of the better ways to spend some free time.

If you happen to be visiting North Carolina, check out some of the amazing places to fish there, too!

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