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Fly Boxes Every Fly Fisherman Needs to Check Out

There is a lot to consider when picking the best fly box. Some fishermen have preferences for specific materials or have different capacity needs.

a fly box for fly fishing full of flies

No matter your preferences or needs, this list has a wide range of some of the best fly fishing tackle boxes. 

This article covers small capacity boxes for small flies and nymphs and large capacity boxes for various flies. Additionally, the article addresses boxes for fishermen with a custom catalog of flies and pre-filled boxes.

Top 9 Fly Boxes for Fly Fishing

  1. Tacky Fishing Original Fly Box
  2. SF Super Slim
  3. Aventik Fly Fishing Boxes Silicone Super Slim
  4. C&F Design CF-101 Fly Box
  5. Umpqua UPG HD Fly Box Large
  6. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Fishing Box
  7. Dr.Fish Fly Fishing Box
  8. Tacky Day Pack Fly Fishing Fly Box
  9. Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box

Tacky Fishing Original Fly Box

Fishpond’s Tacky Original Fly Fishing Box is a lightweight, high-capacity box. It comes in two sizes. The product also offers single-sided and double-sided options. The single-sided box has a capacity of 168 flies, while the double-sided box increases the capacity to 336 flies. 

The box has a thin but durable outer casing made of recycled polycarbonate material with a silicone anchoring system inside. A latch-less magnetic closure system proves strong enough to seal the box but not too strong to make it difficult to open. 

Sitting at #7 for fly boxes, the Tacky Fishing Original Fly Box is resistant to pressure and extreme temperature, waterproof, and holds a variety of differently sized flies. The Tacky silicone pad keeps the flies in place and is easy to use. 

The only downside is its lack of buoyancy, a problem solved by latching the box directly to your vest or belt.

SF Super Slim

The Super Slim fly box made by SF offers the most affordable option on this list. Although slim like its namesake and made mainly for small nymphs and midges, this durable SF box has a large capacity with 156 slots.

The design is minimalistic and made from a sturdy ABS plastic material. The .5 inch thickness makes the box easy to carry multiple boxes for ultimate organization. Instead of carrying one bulky box everywhere, you can bring only what you need each time. 

Inside is a gray foam slot board with excellent water absorption for wet flies. The clear front case makes it easy to find the fly needed before even opening the box, and the foam slot board keeps the flies organized and in place. 

It can easily sit in your shirt pocket or the water beside you as you fish, freeing up your hands.

Aventik Fly Fishing Boxes Silicone Super Slim

Aventik offers another affordable option with their Super Slim Silicone Fly Fishing Box. This box is also made of sturdy ABS plastic, offering a super transparent lid to see all of your flies quickly. 

At 110 flies, this box has a smaller – but still significant – capacity than the other previous boxes. Inside is a neon-green secure silicone pad. The environmentally friendly and medical-grade, durable silicone will keep flies in place and neatly organized for easy retrieval – no tangled flies to pick apart.

The box is sealed with rubber and proves itself to be waterproof, so there’s no worry about dropping it while fishing – and the bright green will be hard to lose sight of in the water. The lightweight, slim design lends itself to being stored right in your shirt’s breast pocket for easy access.

C&F Design CF-101 Fly Box

The CF-101 Fly Box, manufactured by C&F Design, offers a different design than the previous boxes. Instead of a flat silicone or foam storage system, the CF-101 features a 5-row threader storage design. The threader rows are made from Micro-Slit foam for secure storage. The box also includes multiple threaders – so don’t stress about losing one while fishing.

The white background makes it easy to see tiny hook eyes, and the dark gray case with rounded edges makes for a clean, minimalistic design. 

Compared to the Aventik Super Slim box, this box has a storage capacity of 115 fly slots. This fly box is also mainly designed for a variety of smaller flies. Like the other boxes listed so far, the CF-101 is lightweight, easily fits in a shirt pocket, and is durable enough to be thrown into a bag. 

The CF-101 is less affordable than the other boxes on this list. However, C&F has years of experience to account for the price.

Umpqua UPG HD Fly Box Large

Umpqua’s UPG HD Fly Box offers three color options and a high-capacity design. The case is transparent and waterproof with a unique, stylized, and rounded design. The case is essentially bombproof; it can handle anything you throw its way.

The inside of the box features a double-sided swing leaf rubber insert. The insert is 3D molded and made of TPE, a high grip, and heavy-duty material. The rubber slots keep flies securely in place for clean and neat organization.

This box is designed with various dry flies and nymphs in mind. This box is bulkier than others on the list so far, at 2 inches thick, 9 inches long, and 5 inches wide. While some may see this as a downside, this box is suited to carry bigger flies than some of the other products on this list and can still easily fit in a bag or back pocket.

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Fishing Box

Another affordable option, the Maxcatch Fly Fishing Box by M MAXIMUMCATCH, is one of the best fly boxes on the market. This box offers a waterproof, buoyant, and high-impact design, making it perfect for when you’re fly fishing on a kayak.

The thicker design floats high in the water, making it hard to lose. This box is made from ABS plastic, providing super clear and durable double lids.

Inside, the Maxcatch box has a double-sided foam storage system. The foam is high density and extra-durable – it grips onto flies to keep the box neat and easy to go through without ripping and tearing over time.

This box offers four different sizes for whatever you may need – from x-small that fits in a shirt pocket up to x-large to go in a cargo or vest pocket or fishing bag. These varying sizes make it easy to accommodate any size fly. Maxcatch also offers an easy-grip, neon-green silicone insert to match various preferences and needs.

Dr.Fish Fly Fishing Box

Dr.Fish’s Fly Fishing Box is another excellent, affordable option for anglers with a variety of needs. Like the Maxcatch box, this one is double-sided with super clear lids, making it easy to find what you need.

This box offers five different sizes, from x-small to large. Each one has an excellent capacity for its size, with the x-small holding up to 90 flies and the large holding a whopping 308 flies.

Made from ABS plastic, this box is durable, crack-resistant, and weather-proof while maintaining a lightweight design. It’s sealed with rubber, making it 100% waterproof. The lightweight design of the box makes it buoyant even when filled with flies. 

The inside features high-density foam to lock flies in place gently. The domed design means flies won’t be crushed when the lid is closed. Dr.Fish also offers a silicone holder design in 3 sizes, holding from 152 to 312 flies. 

Tacky Day Pack Fly Fishing Fly Box

Another box by Fishpond, the Tacky Day Pack Fly Fishing Box, has many of the features of the Tacky Fishing Original box, such as magnetic closures, durable, temperature-resistant casing made from recycled polycarbonate, and high-capacity. This box features an even higher capacity than the original, at 360 flies. 

The box has a minimalist, lightweight design, so fishers don’t have to compromise between high-capacity and traveling light. The box can fit right in your pocket.

Outdoor Planet Waterproof Fly Box

The last, but certainly not the least, box on this list is Outdoor Planet’s Waterproof Fly Box. This box is suitable for wet or dry flies, nymphs, and streamer trout flies. It’s waterproof – as its namesake implies – and has double-sided foam inserts. 

It has a smaller capacity than some other boxes on this list – 100 flies, depending on their size – but is versatile in what it can carry. The box is made from lightweight but durable material. Its compact size saves space in your fishing bag or can slip into your pocket. It’s easy to hold in your palm as you pick out the fly you need.

What makes this box unique on this list is that it comes prepackaged with 100 flies in a wide variety of types, making it perfect for beginner fly fishers. 

Final Thoughts

Each box on this list is durable, and most are lightweight, fitting in a shirt pocket or saving room in a bag.

The Outdoor Planet box is excellent for beginners, while the other boxes are best for anglers with a catalog of their flies.

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