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The Ultimate Fishing Nets Every Fly Fisherman Needs to Have

Fly fishing is one of the most entertaining types of fishing. Whether you are wading in the water or fishing from a boat, nothing quite compares to the thrill of catching a wild fish after a great fly. 

a trout being caught in a fly fishing net

Of course, one of the essential tools of fly fishing is the fly fishing net. These small nets work by pulling in a hooked fish so you don’t have to worry about it escaping before you can nab it.

Fly fishing nets need to be strong, easy to grab at a moment’s notice, and not too bulky. They should be able to hold the fish you’re trying to catch without breaking. 

a trout caught in a fly fishing net

Whether you’re looking to replace your old fishing net or are just starting on your fly fishing journey, don’t worry about doing hours of research to find the perfect net. We’ve done the work for you and have assembled a list of the best fly fishing nets available.

Top 9 Fly Fishing Nets for Anglers

  1. FishPond Nomad Emerger Net
  2. Bubba Carbon Fiber Landing Nets
  3. FishPond Nomad Mid-Length Net – Tailwater
  4. Freestone Rubber Mesh Net
  5. ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Landing Net
  6. SF Landing Net
  7. Orvis Nomad Camo Net Series
  8. PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net
  9. Frabill Power Catch

FishPond Nomad Emerger Net

The FishPond Nomad Emerger net is one of the most popular amongst experienced anglers for several good reasons.

FishPond Nomad Emerger Net

First of all, it’s a lightweight net that doesn’t wear you down, even after hours of carrying it. The whole tool is small enough to fit into a pocket of your angling vest or cargo shorts. 

This net is 32” tall, so it works on all sizes of fly-caught fish. The biggest fish might be difficult to catch in the FishPond, but they are also tough to snag with a fly.

Many nets prove to be too small for creeks and rivers, but this net is a perfect size. It floats and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. 

What might be the best part of the FishPond Nomad Emerger is the removable net. Made of carbon fiberglass and with a rubber net, this tool allows you to detach a torn or damaged net and completely replace it. For a durable, large net, the Nomad is an excellent choice. 

Bubba Carbon Fiber Landing Nets

Bubba makes some of the largest and most impressive fishing nets available. Although they might not be ideal for a day of trekking through the swamps, these nets are perfect for boat or deck fishing. 

Bubba Carbon Fiber Landing Nets

The long handle and extendable net on this Bubba landing net works perfectly for catching any size of fish, all the way up to 50 pounds.

This particular Bubba net starts at five feet long and extends to over six feet to snag fish that are farther away from the boat and thrashing. It’s exceptionally deep and will hold larger fish. 

The pole is made of carbon fiber, and the net is PVC-coated polyester. If you habitually catch larger fish and don’t mind a net the size of yourself, this Bubba carbon fiber landing net is the way to go for a solid net. It doesn’t float, however, so keep that in mind when fishing! 

FishPond Nomad Mid-Length Net

FishPond makes excellent nets. If you’re looking for something a little longer than the FishPond Emerger, check out the FishPond Nomad mid-length.

It’s not so long that you aren’t able to carry it all day, but it reaches a little farther into the water than the Emerger does. 

FishPond Nomad Mid-Length Net

The FishPond Nomad mid-length is about 37 inches long. It doesn’t weigh much more than the Emerger and is an excellent choice for river and creek fly fishing.

It’s also great for pontoon or rowboat fishing – the longer handle makes it easier to reach the water from a low boat and net a fish. 

Made from carbon fiberglass, these handles are extremely durable and float very well. The net and handle are reinforced with rubber and black, so they blend in well and don’t scare off any potential catches. For a mid-length net, this is an excellent choice. 

Freestone Rubber Mesh Net

For a more budget-friendly option, Freestone offers a rubber mesh net with a wooden handle. It floats just as well as a carbon-fiber option and has a reinforced net. Although this net is smaller, it’s a great choice, especially if you are a beginner angler. 

Freestone Rubber Mesh Net

The Freestone fly fishing set comes with a magnetic release. Instead of holding the net or leaving it in your pocket, you can attach the releasing portion to your belt loop or angler’s vest.

When you need the net, you can simply grab it, and the magnet will release, allowing you to catch the fish in real-time. You won’t have to worry about missing a fish because of timing. 

Because of the magnetic release, you also lower the odds of losing your net or the fish. The net is attached to the magnet by a cord and a sturdy carabiner, so it will stay attached to you if you drop it.

Although this net is smaller than several on the list, it’s a great choice for creek fishing and newer anglers.

ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Landing Net

The OddsPro fly fishing net isn’t nearly as fancy as the others on this list. It’s a simple, black construction, with rubber mesh and a tough plastic handle.

ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Landing Net

This net is relatively small and a fraction of the price of the carbon fiber, higher-end nets. However, Oddspro makes an excellent fishing net. 

If you’re looking for a gift for a beginning angler, this is an incredible place to start. You can invest in a landing net without spending a ton of money.

It’s a simple net but has some design features that make it easy to handle for beginners and professionals alike. 

This net floats in the water and has a square bottom so fish won’t get tangled up in the mesh of the net.

It’s a bit shallower, so you won’t be able to net larger fish with the Oddspro, but you can carry it all day and not worry about losing it or wasting your money. 

SF Landing Net

This landing net is less than a pound and has a replacement rubber net. This particular SF net comes with a magnetic lead that attaches to your vest or backpack and enables you to detach it whenever you need it. 

SF Landing Net

This net was made with stealth in mind. As the fish thrash on the fly and you pull them in, it’s crucial to be cautious with a net.

This particular net will blend in with the surroundings and swoop in to catch the fish before it’s even aware that it’s there. 

The SF landing net is a mid-length net and works for boat fishing and wading. You can use it from a short dock as well, but it might be a little more difficult to reach the water.

No matter where you use the SF landing net, you can catch large and small fish with no issue.

Orvis Nomad Camo Net Series

Orvis has been a leading fly fishing gear provider for years, and their fly fishing nets are no exception. The Nomad Camo series blends in with the water, floats if necessary, and has grip protection for slippery hands. 

Orvis Nomad Camo Net Series

The Nomad series comes in three sizes – the hand net, mid-length, and guide net. Each of these was created with a specific type of angler in mind.

Hand nets are perfect for vested waders, mid-length nets fit in a backpack, and guide nets are for those who fish from a boat or dock. 

These nets have excellent quality levels and don’t fail to impress even the most experienced anglers. Many fly fishers buy their first Orvis net and become faithful customers for life.

Whether you want just one size or the complete set, the Orvis series is an excellent way to get your nets. 

PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net

Plussino makes large fishing nets for anglers who aim for big fish, but they also fold up for convenient storage and transport.

PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net

This floating net was made for salmon, steelhead, bass, trout, and other bigger game fish. It’s a good thing that it floats because these fish can fight to stay in the water! 

The Plusinno net is large but folds up to be portable for walking fly fishers. It has a 17” square net and comes in several different rod sizes. Whether you need four feet or seven feet, Plussino has a fishing net for you! 

This net is often used by kayakers or canoes – any angler who fishes from a boat but doesn’t necessarily have room for a full-sized net.

Because it folds in half, it’s easy to store and port when you carry your fly gear. Although the mesh is not rubber, this net is an excellent affordable option! 

Frabill Power Catch

The Frabill Power Catch looks like what you would imagine a fly fishing net to look like – it has a long handle and a conical net.

Frabill Power Catch

It’s a large net but was made for catching powerful fish (thus the name). It looks like a classic because it is a classic – Frabill has been around since 1938. 

This net was made with specially coated nylon strings. They are weighted to prevent net floatage and hook snagging and are completely tangle-proof.

The handle is made of tough plastic and can telescope out to 96 inches as needed. 

There are several different types of Frabill nets, but this one is the original. It works for small fish and big fish and is a favorite of anglers all over the country. If you aren’t sure which net to go with, you can’t go wrong with the original! 

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the Frabill Power Catch or Freestone net with rubber mesh, you will find a net that fits your angling adventures on this list.

Remember, think about the type of fish you catch and how you like to catch them. If you fish out of a boat or off a dock, you might want to consider a longer net! 

Of course, whichever type of net you get, it’s only a part of the process of angling. Get the right rod, vest, fly, bait, reel, and get out there to start fishing!

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