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Best Hooks for Bass

Do your research and plan the best bass fishing trip you can. You can find the perfect bass fishing rod with the strongest line, but you won’t catch any fish without a hook.

bass fishing hooks

Not all hooks are equal in terms of catching fish, especially tough game fish like bass. The proper hook is they key to catching the bass you’ve been dreaming of catching.

Fishing Hooks

Fish hooks are probably the most important piece of fishing gear that you can have. Although most people care about getting the right rod, it means nothing if you do not have the right hook.

Types of fish hooks on wooden board

They are what are responsible for catching the fish by impaling the mouth of the fish so they cannot get away. The hook allows you to catch the bass you have worked so hard to find.

Fishing Hook Sizes

Like fish themselves that range in size, the hooks size also varies. Using the correct size hook is very important in catching the right fish.

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If the hook is too big, than the fish might not be able to get their mouth on the hook so you will not be able to catch them. If you get a hook the is too small, than a fish can bite it to take the bite and swim away without being caught.

It is important to use the right size bait for the fish you desire. The smallest hook size available is 32 and the largest hook size is 20/0. To catch bass, the recommended size is 1/0 or 2/0.

Best Hooks for Bass

In order to catch bass, you need to make sure that you have the right hook for the situation you find yourself fishing in. Here are some great hooks to catch bass no matter what situation you find yourself in.

These are the Best Hooks for Bass Fishing:

  1. Straight Shank Hooks
  2. Offset Round Bend Hooks
  3. Offset Wide Gap Hooks
  4. Octopus Hooks
  5. Wacky Rig Hooks

Straight Shank Hooks

These hooks are ideal for flipping, pitching, and fishing in heavy cover. Like the name suggests, there is no bend in the shank of the hook. When you set the hook with straight shank, that means that you will have a direct line pull.

straight shank hook for bass

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Be careful if you use this hook with soft plastics. Since there is no bend in the shank, they can slide down the shank because there is nothing there to stop the movement.

Offset Round Bend Hooks

These hooks are ideal for streamlined plastics. Unlike the straight shank, this hook has a “Z” bend right behind the eye. This helps keep bait and plastics in place and gives them a better presentation.

offset round bend hooks for bass

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The round bend gives a wider bite area to improve hooksets. This hook can be used in a variety of circumstances. Heavy cover areas or where weedless presentation is needed: this hook can be used for it all.

Offset Wide Gap Hooks

These hooks are ideal for bulkier plastics and are commonly used when fishing worms. This hook is similar to the offset round bend hook because they both have a “Z” bend behind the eye to reduce bait movement.

offset wide gap worm hook

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This hook has a larger gap. The space between point and shank is more exaggerated so that you can use bulkier bait to entice the bass. You should also be aware that this hook allows for less margin for a successful hookup than the straight shank hook. Despite that, this hook is definitely worth trying.

Octopus Hooks

These are great when you want to use the drop shot technique. This hook has three bends on it. This allows the drop shotting technique to be executed perfectly.

octopus hook bass fishing

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You need to nose rig soft plastics so that they look like small suspending baitfish. It also helps level the bait profile and presentation. This is not the most weedless hook on the market, but you can find some with weed guards to be extra careful.

Wacky Rig Hooks

These hooks are perfect for wacky rigging. This is very similar to the octopus hook in a sense that it was designed with a specific technique in mind.

weedless wacky rig hooks

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This hook is best suited for wacky rigging. It has a wider gap to allow for the wacky rig plastic worms. They are compact and tight to increase hook penetration. This isn’t weedless, but again you can find weed guards on certain models.

Find the Best Bass Tackle

These were just a few basic hooks that truly come in handy for bass fishing. Try these out and see which one you prefer. Once you figure out your preference, you can figure out more hooks that will work best for you.

Bass fishing is a popular and versatile sport, with a wide variety of equipment out there to try. Find the best bass fishing gear to improve your chances of a great catch. Fishmasters has everything you need for bass fishing, from the best locations to the best bass lures.