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The 6 Best Ice Fishing Sleds

So you are all stocked up with the latest and greatest ice fishing gear for this season, but the honey hole is over a mile into the lake. You’ll need a top notch ice fishing sled to get you there with all that equipment. Carry your ice fishing gear with ease with one of our favorite ice fishing sleds!

Top-Rated Ice Fishing Sleds for Hard Water Fishing

  1. Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled
  2. Pelican Boats TREK 45 Utility Sled
  3. Shappell JSX Extra Large Sled
  4. Terrain Sport Sled D54
  5. Shappell Kodiak Jr. Multi-Purpose Sled
  6. Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr.

Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled

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Pelican Boats TREK 45 Utility Sled

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Shappell JSX Extra Large Sled

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Terrain Sport Sled D54

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Shappell Kodiak Jr. Multi-Purpose Sled

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Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr.

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Best Ice Fishing Sleds – Buyers Guide and FAQ

Do your research before you buy an ice fishing sled so that you know you’ve found the right one! Ice sleds can make your day of ice fishing go much smoother, and if you have a lot of gear, they’re worth bringing along. 

Why Do I Need an Ice Fishing Sled? 

Ice fishing sleds are mostly used for transporting gear. If you can’t drive your car directly onto the ice, you may have to walk a ways before you reach the best spot on the ice. Carrying all of your gear from point A to point B can be exhausting and time consuming – that’s where a sled comes in.

With an ice fishing sled, you can pack all your gear up and drag it across the ice. This is especially useful if you’re packing heavier gear, like an ice shelter or an auger. You can carry more, heavier gear in a sled than you could in a fishing backpack. A sled also keeps you better organized than a stuffed backpack or duffel bag. 

In case of an emergency, a sled can also be used to pull an injured person across the ice. We hope this isn’t how your ice fishing sled will be used, but it is helpful in that unfortunate scenario.  

What To Look For in an Ice Sled

If you’re not sure what to look for in an ice fishing sled, we’ve got you covered! Some factors may be more or less important to you based on how much ice fishing equipment you plan to bring and how often you go ice fishing. 


The point of an ice sled is to transfer your gear from your car to the perfect spot on the ice, so you need a sled that is easily portable. Your sled should be easy to drag across the ice. 

Look for sleds with strong tow ropes that are the right length so that you can comfortably pull the sled through the ice and snow. The best ice fishing sleds are designed with bottoms that are easier to slide through rougher ice and snow – check out sleds with ribs or rails for better movement across rough terrain. 


The size of your ideal sled depends on how much gear you need to carry. If you’re carrying an ice shanty, you’ll need a larger sled to fit that plus your other equipment. If you only need to transport a hand auger, your ice rod and reel, a cooler and some tackle, a smaller sled will work just as well.

Size also includes depth of the sled – some are deeper than others even if they aren’t as long. Consider depth when you’re looking at the size of a sled, as some deeper sleds may be able to fit more gear.

Don’t forget that when you’re picking a size, it needs to fit in your car as well. Some sleds may be strapped to the top of a car, but if you plan on putting your ice sled in a trunk, make sure it fits. 


The purpose of a sled is so that you don’t have to carry as much weight across the ice, so the best ice fishing sleds are lightweight. You don’t want to add a lot of extra weight to what you’re already dragging, so aim for a sled that is lighter. 

Keep in mind that a very lightweight sled may not be as durable. Look for a balance of strong, durable materials without too much added weight in the sled itself. 


Ice is hard and can be sharp, so you need a sled that can withstand being dragged a long distance across ice. Too much friction will break through weaker plastics, so be sure that your sled is made with durable materials. The best ice fishing sleds should last a while – check out customer reviews and product warranties. 

How To Use an Ice Fishing Sled

When you’re packing your ice fishing sled, there are some best practices to follow. For example, you should always put the heaviest gear on the bottom. This will help weigh down and steady the sled, and it protects your lighter gear from getting crushed by heavy gear on top of it. Evenly distributing the weight will make the sled easier to pull. 

Put thought into how you pack your sled. That way, everything is easily accessible and easy to find out on the ice. Use dry bags or a cover on rainy or snowy days to protect your gear from getting wet. 

After you’ve packed your sled, using it is easy – simply drag the sled across the ice to where you want to fish. If you’re attaching your sled to an ATV, snowmobile, or truck, be sure to drive slow so it doesn’t flip over.

Ice Fishing Sleds and More

Pick from our list of the best ice fishing sleds so that you can easily transport your gear across the ice! An ice fishing sled will simplify your day of fishing and save you from carrying heavy gear across slippery ice.

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