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Top Rated Jon Boats That Are Perfect For Fishing

People want easy ways to visit the ocean, a lake, or a river. While they can swim and enjoy the water, some people want to go fishing or focus on enjoying the scenery.

an outboard engine mounted on the back of a jon boat for fishing

However, multiple people don’t want to purchase an expensive speedboat for their fishing needs.

So instead, they look into the best Jon Boats to go onto the water, use their fishing rods, and enjoy the sport.

Finding the best Jon Boats takes some effort, so look into the list below. Doing so works since people can find out which Jon Boat others tend to use so that they can pick their ideal option.

a jon boat on the water

As people go through the list of the best Jon Boats, they can compare them. Doing so helps them figure out which of the choices will assist them as they take trips to the river, lake, or similar bodies of water.

Top 9 Jon Boats

  1. Crestliner 1860 Retriever
  2. Lowe L1852MT Aura
  3. Stalker MV 120
  4. F-4 Pro Hull 1754
  5. Grizzly 2072 CC Sportsman
  6. SeaArk RX180 CC
  7. Sun Dolphin American 12
  8. Sun Dolphin Pro 120
  9. Tracker Grizzly 1754 Jon

Crestliner 1860 Retriever

The Crestliner 1860 Retriever remains an excellent choice for people focused on space and options. For example, the boat fits up to six people while offering an 18-foot length. 

fishermen in a crestliner 1860 jon boat

It holds up to 1600 pounds to comfortably carry people and their equipment. The boat itself weighs just over 700 pounds while dry.

The Jon Boat offers standard colors and premium options for people who like camouflage.

On top of this, it includes rod racks for people who want a safe place to store their fishing rods. Finally, it utilizes a 45-degree mount for people who want to relax as they fish.

fishermen in a crestliner 1860 jon boat

The buyers can enjoy the stable flat floor while using a bow platform to help with visibility. The horsepower goes between 20 and 60 to offer some variety. 

It costs over 18,000 dollars with the option to pay 165.99 dollars per month. 

Lowe L1852MT Aura

The Lowe L1852MT Aura works great for those who want a Jon Boat around 18 feet in length.

fisherman with a lowe azura jon boat

To comfortably bring some friends and family on a fishing trip, it fits six people, though it only includes one seat.

A single seat sits at one end while the other end offers a standing platform for people to use while they fish. It even includes a storage compartment for people who want to protect their essential belongings.

The Jon Boat holds over 1400 pounds, but it recommends a max of 815 pounds worth of people in the boat.

angler driving a lowe azura jon boat

The boat weighs around 400 pounds for people who want a lightweight option. It uses a Mod-V bow, so the boat becomes flat at the bottom to make it easier to stand in. 

The boat costs over 8,000 dollars, but people can pay 65.11 dollars per month to get it.

Stalker MV 120

This option goes with a smaller design for two people to enjoy a fishing trip together. It offers a smaller length of 12 feet to provide space for a couple of people.

father and son fishing in a stalker jon boat

The boat even includes two swivel chairs, so two people can quickly turn around and try different spots as they fish.

In addition, a storage space sits between the two swivel chairs for either person to store supplies or anything they need while they go fishing.

People also like the mounted motor on the back to easily control the boat. It even includes fiberglass construction, so people don’t need to worry about the ship deteriorating from water damage. 

father and son in a stalker mv120 jon boat

The manufacturers offer five years of warranty to replace the boat if the buyers have problems.

This option goes for over 2,000 dollars, so it stands out as a lower price for people wanting to get one of the best Jon Boats.

F-4 Pro Hull 1754

People appreciate Excel Boat’s F-4 Pro Hull 1754 since it works best in shallow waters. The boat’s design choice makes it ideal for lakes, creeks, and rivers if they only go a few feet deep.

an excel jon boat

This option offers 17 feet in length, which is a good size. It also holds about four people and 560 pounds total making it a lovely Jon Boat for a smaller family.

In addition, it goes up to 50 horsepower for those who want to travel across the water quickly.

The boat goes with a camouflage design for people who want to blend in with the surroundings as they fish. In addition, the front and back include safety foam. 

an excel pro f4 jon boat

It even includes a dry storage space for people to use as needed. On top of this, the storage area provides enough space for firearms in case anyone plans to hunt while they go across the water.

This boat tends to go for 10s of thousands of dollars, though the price varies depending on the seller.

Grizzly 2072 CC Sportsman

The Grizzly 2072 CC Sportsman stands out since it provides an elevated platform designed for people to bow-fish off of it.

a grizzly 2072 jon boat

It includes two seats on the platform to give the users a great view of the water while providing a place for them to sit. It has a steering wheel to make it easier to navigate.

The boat stands out as a larger option by offering over 21 feet in length. It holds five people and carries about 1000 pounds worth of riders.

a grizzly 2071 jon boat

The boat carries a total of 1800 pounds when carrying riders, the motor, and any gear.

The buyers can enjoy up to 150 horsepower while using this boat. It goes for nearly 37 thousand dollars, so it stands out as a commitment when it comes to pricing.

SeaArk RX180 CC

If buyers want to take advantage of great seats and good room, they can purchase the SeaArk RX180 CC. 

a SeaArk rx180 jon boat

This one includes two swivel seats that fold down to let people comfortably fish while providing easy access to the steering wheel.

It also includes a windshield for the person navigating and anchor storage to prevent the boat from drifting.

This option offers a length of 18 feet and a horsepower rating of 90. The boat weighs about 750 pounds and carries five people or 700 pounds. 

a SeaArk rx180 jon boat for fishing

It even includes an accessory outlet with a USB port for the buyers to use. The brand offers a five-year warranty when someone buys it new.

The buyers can choose between multiple boat colors along with seat colors to fit the buyer’s style and preference.

The boat can go for over 20,000 dollars, so look into the sellers available to get the best deal.

Sun Dolphin American 12

If buyers want to go with a smaller boat while taking advantage of useful features, they need to check the Sun Dolphin American 12.

2 people fishing in a sun dolphin american jon boat

The boat holds two people at a time and over 500 pounds of weight.

It offers 12 feet of length and only weighs 110 pounds, so it works great for people who want a boat they can easily transport.

This also makes the boat easy to row if the buyers don’t want to make too much noise. It offers a horsepower rating of six as well. 

a sun dolphin american jon boat

The boat includes two benches for the users to sit down while they fish. The space between the benches makes it easy to store coolers and similar items without them getting in the way. It even includes spots on the side to hold the fishing rods in place.

This boat sits at the lower end of the price since the buyer only needs to pay about 700 or 800 dollars.

Sun Dolphin Pro 120

The Sun Dolphin Pro 120 stands out as a two-person boat designed to simplify fishing. It sits at 11 feet in length and weighs about 238 pounds. It can carry up to 532 pounds and comfortably holds two people in it.

2 people fishing in a sun dolphin pro jon boat

The Pro 120 comes with two swivel chairs to make fishing easier for the users. Because of the smaller design, it only offers a horsepower rating of 10.

However, it comes with a livewell to store the fish after catching them.

The back of the boat has room to store personal belongings and a cooler to give users easy access to water.

a sun dolphin pro jon boat

These compartments sit underneath the carpeted deck to keep them out of the way while people fish.

The Sun Dolphin Pro 120 costs about 2,700 dollars or more, depending on where the buyer decides to get it.

Tracker Grizzly 1754 Jon

The Tracker Grizzly 1754 Jon works great as a solid fishing boat for people who want a simple and practical design. It offers 17 feet of length while weighing about 670 pounds while dry.

a grizzly tracker jon boat

The boat can fit about six passengers on it as long as they weigh less than 800 pounds in total.

It also supports up to 1,300 pounds total, making it great for carrying around fishing gear as the users enjoy a trip.

The bow deck includes a lockable compartment for people to easily store and secure their important belongings.

a grizzly 1754 jon boat

It even offers up to 50 horsepower for those who want to focus on fast transportation.

The inside of the boat offers a non-slip design to prevent people from falling out of the boat.

The buyer can choose between a green color and a camo pattern based on their preferences.

This boat costs over 5,000 dollars, so it works as a mid-level Jon Boat.

Final Thoughts

Each of the nine best Jon Boats offers benefits to help fishers during their trips. They include plenty of space, focus on keeping the designs simple, and help people safely visit the water.

Because of all the different Jon Boats available, people need to figure out which ones work for them. Now, all that’s left is a good trolling motor to go with it!

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