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Best Fishing Channels on Youtube That You Should be Watching

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YouTube contains a wealth of knowledge about many subjects. And fishing is no exception.

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Videos are the ideal format for learning techniques visually. Straight from the mouths of experienced anglers. They enable newcomers to see proper techniques for boating, casting, and much more.

In this article, there is a list of the ten best YouTube fishing channels. Each source covers short and long-form content such as ice fishing, lure tricks, and fish tasting.

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These YouTube channels are a valuable asset for both experienced and beginner anglers. And each has plenty of tips to teach you.

Let’s get to know these fishing channels.

Jon B.

Jon B. lives in the United States but fishes in rivers and oceans across the world, from Australia to Sudan.

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He specializes primarily in bass fishing. But he also catches and cooks trout and other freshwater creatures.

Jon’s channel holistically reviews rods, tackle, and bait. While also teaching anglers valuable boating and casting techniques.

He also posts challenge videos, DIYs, and vlogs covering many topics. Jon B. is among the most versatile fishing channels on YouTube.

Googan Squad

Googan Squad is a YouTube channel co-owned by various U.S. fishing content makers. Googan Squad creates fun, engaging challenge videos, record-breaking attempts, and other content.

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Including Jon B., Robert Terkla, Michael Hsiao, Andrew Flair, and Alex Peric. The channel content focuses mostly on bass fishing in freshwater sources.

It is an excellent channel for discovering how fishing tournaments work. And seeing how experienced anglers collaborate in the same environment.


BlacktipH is a YouTube show hosted by Josh Jorgensen with guest stars each installment.

BlacktipH youtube fishing channel banner

The channel content has a strong focus on large ocean fish like sharks, tuna, and mahi-mahi. Also, BlacktipH produces a variety of content and some freshwater fishing videos.

BlacktipH features many YouTube Shorts. These shorts are digestible, short-form videos perfect for those who don’t have much time.

The channel also provides how-to videos, fishing product reviews, and ice fishing content.

Deer Meat For Dinner

Robert Arrington hosts Deer Meat For Dinner alone. Covering a wide array of hunting and fishing topics. He films from the Northern Mariana Islands.

Deer Meat for Dinner youtube fishing channel banner

His most popular fishing videos focus on ocean tuna and shellfish. And each installment shows viewers how to clean and prepare the creature for eating.

Deer Meat For Dinner is one of the vastest, multifaceted hunting channels on YouTube.

Spanning creatures like alligators, geese, and more. Arrington also produces a variety of content across many topics.


Founder and owner of, Glenn May, hosts a helpful YouTube channel by the same name.

BassResource youtube fishing channel banner

He fishes throughout the Southeastern United States. The channel specializes in bass fishing, including tips, tricks, equipment reviews, and more.

One key feature that separates BassResource from other content providers is that May outlines how to fish for bass in all four seasons.

Each video is concise and includes closed-captioning. So you can watch it easily for just a few minutes each day.

Chad Hoover

This YouTube channel is owned by Chad Hoover, the founder of Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF).

Chad Hoover youtube fishing channel banner

He lives in Corbin, Kentucky, and films mostly from there. Hoover mainly demonstrates tips and tricks for catching bass in all seasons from aboard a fishing kayak.

Hoover surveys equipment like kayaks and lures. The channel also discusses bass fishing tournament procedures.

And it features anglers who perform well at competitions. Chad Hoover is a great resource for those interested in freshwater kayak fishing.

Fish The Moment

Fish the Moment is co-owned by Jonny Schultz, Randy Blaukat, and Matt Stefan. The team operates in the United States and records primarily on freshwater lakes. There, they show the best tips for tracking and catching bass.

Fish The Moment youtube fishing channel banner

The channel revolves around debunking angler myths. And sharing tournament winners’ secrets and techniques.

Fish the Moment emphasizes using sonar technology to predict which fishing areas will be the most populous at any time.


Kanalgratisdotse is a Scandivanian angling channel started by Johan Ruhe and Jojje Wester.

Kanalgratisdotse youtube fishing channel banner

The channel’s videos span fishing in seas and rivers, but the primary specimens they hunt are pike and perch. Kanalgratisdotse also features a plethora of ice fishing content.

Kanalgratisdotse has episodic content as well as challenge videos, lure reviews, and demonstrations.

The owners often travel to exotic locations like archipelagos and ice floes to survey unique fishing ecosystems.

Landshark Outdoors

Viktor Hluben of Crystal River, Florida, founded Landshark Outdoors (also called Landshark Fishing) and the corresponding YouTube channel.

Land Shark Fishing youtube fishing channel banner

The channel has a sharp focus on ocean fishing for creatures like tuna, lingcod, and grouper.

Hluben prefers two starkly different locations for fishing: Panama and Alaska. As a result, Landshark Outdoors features an array of arctic and tropical fish.

The channel demonstrates how to properly clean and cook each catch. Occasionally, the channel makes a video about other game animals like geese.


Together, Matt Allen and Tim Little host TacticalBassin. It is a bass fishing YouTube channel that aims to break records.

Tactical Bassin youtube fishing channel banner

The two live near Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee. They hold the world record for Spotted Bass. And also fish for Smallmouth and Largemouth species. 

TacticalBassin demonstrates the best equipment and tips for bass fishing in every season.

You can find product reviews, shorts, buyer’s guides, and more on the channel. Making it an excellent resource for freshwater enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, these ten channels cover chilly arctic waters, freshwater lakes, and swampy lagoons.

You can find valuable information from any of these content providers. Whether you want to fish aboard a kayak or a seafaring boat.

Their content is entertaining and digestible. Making them the best YouTube channels about all kinds of fishing.

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