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Fishing Hashtags

Fishing, a once basic need for survival, has grown into something much more. Fishing has become a great way to relax, collect your thoughts, spend time with friends, compete with others, and so much more.

Since fishing is so versatile, people want to display whatever they catch. The use of hashtags allows other people who enjoy being apart of the fishing community to see what you caught. It creates a space for people to show off their skills, support each other, and have friendly competitions.

Top Fishing Hashtags for Instagram

You often hear people say things like, “This is going on the gram”. People love to share their best catch with other fishing fanatics.

Instagram lets you boost your pictures by letting you include hashtags. The use of hashtags allow you to connect with similar content, share with a larger audience online, and see other posts that might interest you. Using some common fishing hashtags can help you become more involved with the online fishing community.

The 10 Most Frequently Used Fishing Hashtags:


Creative Fishing Hashtags

Once you’ve mastered the popular hashtags, you can branch out and make your posts stand out more. You can use as many or as few hashtags per post as you would like, depending on the platform – Instagram allows 30. The more creative each hashtag is the better.

Fishing Hashtags by Location

Using a fishing hashtag that has the location of where you are fishing allows you to stand out. Since there are many places to fish, giving a specific place you prefer fishing helps show more of your fishing style and preferences. Try using some of these hashtags to help pinpoint your location.

#river #sea #ocean #SaltwaterFishing #lake #FreshwaterFishing #Florida #FishingAustralia


Fishing Hashtags by Type

Some people fish for fun, other people fish for sport. Whatever the reason, people gravitate towards one type of fishing more than the others. To let people know what type you prefer, and the fish you like to catch, try these hashtags.

#bass #CatchAndRelease # BassFishing #FlyFishing #SurfFishing #IceFishing #Trout #CarpFishing #LargemouthBass #TroutFishing #PikeFishing #Bassmaster #DeepSeaFishing #KayakFishing #salmon #TrophyFish


Fishing Hashtags by Fishing Gear

Another way to make your posts more unique is to use hashtags that include the fishing gear you used. It is a simple thing but can ass a lot to the sorry that is trying to be told. To get started, try using some of these hashtags.

#lures #bait #TightLines #FishingBoat #FishingRod #Baitcaster #FishingTackle #Tackle #angler #FishingReel #FishingGear #SpinningReel


Branded Fishing Hashtags

Do you have a favorite fishing brand? Rep their gear by hashtagging their brand name on your posts! Many brands have specifically branded hashtags, like Yeti’s #BuiltForTheWild, which they use to repost user-generated content. Use the brand hashtags for your favorite brands of gear or fishing websites and publications to potentially get reposted on their account!

Tag #Fishmasters on your fishing pictures to get shared on our Instagram!

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